How can I make my Instagram look professional? If you do not already have the Notes app, you will need to download it. Type exactly what you want in Notes, and then copy and paste it into the bio. By doing this you will be able to incorporate line breaks, which cannot be done when just typing out your bio on Instagram. There is a 150 character limit though, so plan it out. Be sure to use emojis because you want your bio to look attractive and engage people when they come to your page. Do not forget about the clickable link in Instagram bio. This is interchangeable and can be edited whenever you would like.

How can you go live on Instagram? There are now 4 options you can use on Instagram. They include Live, Normal, Boomerang, and Hands-free. To go live, you simply open the Instagram app and click the icon “+ Your Story,” as if you are going to post a story. This will bring you to a new screen in which you have the ability to swipe left to go “Live” and start your recording. Instagram will notify your friend and followers that you have gone live and it is up to you to create some engaging content to keep your followers watching.

Can you change the color of more than one word in an Instagram story? Yes, you can. Simply start by typing out your text fully. Then, double tap and select the word or letters that you want to change the color of. Once your selection is highlighted, just click the color that you would like. You can do this for multiple words or letters.

What is the easiest way to get followers? There are many different ways to do this. One of the quickest ways is to do a “S4S,” which is a share for share or shout out for shout out. You post a picture on your account and they post your picture on their account. If you don't want to upload an actual post to your profile you can just do an Instagram story. If you did not know, you can swipe up to upload a photo from your camera roll. In your text, type @ and start typing the profile that you want to tag (refer to picture above). Their account icon will appear; click the profile you want to tag. When people view your story, they will be able to click on the tag and will be redirected to that person’s page.