In their latest update, Snapchat seems to have followed Instagram's example by releasing updated features one-by-one rather than all at once.

Group Chat

Snapchat now allows you to send snaps and text chats with groups that include up to sixteen friends and even name these groups. Just like a snap on your story, the snaps sent to your groups will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. One feature that's different, though, is that everyone in the group can see the snaps that you've sent--even if you are not already friends on Snapchat.

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Scissors Tool

Another new feature allows Snapchat users to create their own custom stickers. By touching the scissor icon and outlining the part of an image that you would like to copy and paste, you can create a copied image that is saved to your stickers and can be added to any snaps in the future. To delete the stickers that are just too embarrassing, click the sticker icon at the top of the screen, click the scissor on the bottom right, press, hold, and drag the sticker to the trash.

Paint Filters

Any of your snaps can become instant masterpieces with Snapchat's new painting-inspired filters, which are applied from your Memories.  When editing a snap from this folder, tap the paintbrush tool to try them out.


Press and hold on the camera screen to identify a song with Shazam. Songs that you've 'Shazamed' will appear in settings at the bottom of the My Account section. 


Now you can change all aspects of the text in your Story.  You can alter the color as well as underline, italicize, or bold multiple words or letters.  To customize your message, double-tap to select the section you wish to edit.

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