SUMMIT, The Summit Police Department and AAA Northeast have issued a helpful list of tip to ensure that everyone remains safe and has an enjoyable Halloween experience.
Halloween falls on a Saturday this year and, as such, many adults may be planning to attend or host a party, Partygoers are reminded to plan their night in advance by designating a sober driver before the festivities begin.
“Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore and it’s becoming increasingly popular among adults to host and attend Halloween parties where alcohol is frequently served,” said Cathleen Lewis, director of public affairs and government relations for AAA Northeast. “By designating a sober driver, or by choosing not to drink alcoholic beverages if you’re driving alone, this popular holiday can be a  less frightening time for everyone.”

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Lewis added, “With child pedestrians and their adult escorts trick-or-treating in neighborhoods this Saturday, and many costume-clad adults taking to the roads to attend holiday parties, it’s imperative that everyone involved think about the importance of traffic safety,” Lewis said.

Tips to keep the roadways safe this Halloween weekend, include:
Plan Ahead
Make a plan to get home safely before celebrating. Designate a sober driver, arrange for a cab or alternate form of transportation, or make plans to spend the night at a hotel or with a friend. Don’t drink and drive, and never ride with a driver who has been drinking.
Be a Responsible Host
If you’re hosting a party, keep in mind that you can be held responsible if your guests are involved in an alcohol-related crash. Remind your guests to plan ahead by designating a sober driver. Make sure you offer alcohol-free beverage options, and do not allow impaired guests to drive. Provide a list of local taxi companies should guests need to call one.
Consider an Overnight Stay
 If you are attending a party in a friend’s home, ask to spend the night. If you are attending a party in a downtown area, consider making hotel arrangements within walking distance of the festivities.

Plan Travel Routes Carefully

Try to avoid cutting through residential areas that will likely have a large number of trick-or-treaters. If you are providing directions to a party, avoid routes that will take guests through residential areas.

Tips for parents to keep their trick-or-treaters safe around town:

Select Visible Costumes
Children wearing dark costumes may be harder for motorists to see. Look for light, bright, or reflective costumes that will make children easier to see. Add reflective tape to costumes or treat bags to increase visibility.

Make Sure Costume Fit
Have your child try on, walk in, and play in costumes before going trick-or-treating. Make sure nothing comes loose or obstructs your child’s ability to walk or might cause them to trip. Avoid using a mask, which could limit visibility. Consider using face paint instead.

Review Safety Precautions
Set guidelines and review traffic safety rules with your children. Remind them to stay on the sidewalk, cross only at crosswalks, never mid-block or from between parked cars. Make sure they look both ways before crossing streets and driveways.

Plan The Route

Detail trick-or-treating route and supervision well in advance. Discuss the route that your children intend to take and instruct them to travel only in familiar areas. Instruct them to stop only at well-lit houses and never enter a stranger’s home.
Make sure an adult or responsible older youth will be supervising children under the age of 12. Use a flashlight with fresh batteries.  A flashlight can help trick-or-treaters see and been seen, but it should never be directed at someone’s eyes, including those of passing motorists.