A group of three from Total Home Cleaning in Summit worked in Keansburg recently to clean and rebuild homes ravaged by Superstorm Sandy.

The group worked side by side with about 500 volunteers that were both local and distant. Tasks included cleaning out the shed and yard, and tearing the floors and walls from inside the house on the first floor.

Supplies and materials necessary to rebuild were brought in from both clients and a Girl Scout Troupe from the area.  When the cleaning was done, there were about 15 bags of new clothing, blankets, food and cleaning supplies delivered and donated to those in need.

"It was amazing to see the homes and streets that were affected - it felt like we were in another country," said owner Ines Cohron. "It was even more amazing to know that we were only 40 minutes from home. It was touching to hear the homeowner's story of wading through waist-high water. I'm glad we could help. It was also great to see so many people come together including poeple from as far as Cape Cod. At the end of our day, I was reminded of the adage that many hands make light work."