RAHWAY, NJ - Michael S. Bezega Park and Rahway River Park each received a sprucing up last month -- including the spreading new gravel on a trail at Bezega Park -- courtesy of a partnership between the County of Union’s 'Adopt-a-Park' program and environmental services company Clean Earth.

The 'Adopt-a-Park' program is administered by the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation, and welcomes individuals as well as students, community organizations, businesses and other groups to help beautify and improve Union County parklands. 'Adopt-a-Park' projects include litter and recyclables cleanup, planting of native plants, pruning existing vegetation, raking leaves, repairing and/or installing fencing, monitoring of bird nest boxes, maintenance and repair of hiking and/or bridle trails, and much more.

Groups that have recently participated include the Mountainside Girl Scouts, the Kean University Center for Leadership and Service student group, the Garwood Green Team, and corporate volunteers from Amazon and Phillips66.

To learn more about the 'Adopt-a-Park' program, or to volunteer, visit ucnj.org/parks-recreation/adopt-a-trail-adopt-a-park/ or call the Department of Parks and Recreation at 908-789-3683..