With college tuition costs at an all-time high, high school graduates are seeking affordable paths to earn college degrees. The American Honors program at Union County College provides high achieving, motivated students the opportunity to earn an associate degree and transfer to a four-year university as a junior. The in-county tuition cost for the American Honors program at Union County College is only $7,220. Whereas, the average cost nationally for a four-year college education is approximately $23,000 before the cost of housing, travel and other fees.

But it isn’t all about the money saved. American Honors students take classes with other high achieving students in a smaller, more intimate setting. Classes are capped at twenty students and are taught by Honors faculty. Students also have a dedicated advisor who encourage professional development, leadership and transfer seminars to prepare them for their future endeavors.

Transfer rates are extremely high among American Honors students. An American Honors diploma shows an admissions officer at a four-year college that a student has the strong work ethic and the maturity needed to succeed and graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The American Honors program maintains transfer agreements with over 50 colleges and universities nationwide.

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All of the 2015 American Honors graduates from Union County College were accepted to four-year institutions. This fall, some of the institutions students will be attending include American University, Vancouver Film School, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University, and Drew University.

Janine Mills, a current American Honors student at the College, says “American Honors means everything to me because it embodies my personal feelings about my education: to go above and beyond what I can imagine. The Honors program has helped me to embrace my future with not only open arms, but with a calm readiness."

For more information about American Honors at Union County College, visit www.ucc.edu/AmericanHonors.