To Mayor Dickson and the Summit Common Council:

My husband and I are writing to ask you, and our elected officials on the Common Council, to vote “YES” on the $5.7 million expansion of the Summit Community Center.

As long-time residents, with Lewis providing 45 years of pediatric care to Summit’s children, and my past service as a member of the Planning Board, Chair of Master Plan 2000, and a member of the Master Plan 2006 Re-Exam, we are well aware of the City’s recreational facilities for residents of all ages.  Clearly, the City has stepped up to the plate with the upgrading of our community playing fields, the community pool and most, if not all, of the school gyms and fields as well. 

Now, it’s the Summit "Rec’s" turn.  This building, located in a perfect location in East Summit, is filled to capacity with many groups, from the youngest and healthiest to the handicapped and the elderly – basketball to bridge, and activities of all kinds – healthy and happy gatherings that the citizens of Summit need and deserve.

One of the interesting things about Summit’s land use history goes back to the turn of the last century when a decision had to be made about the rail line coming through the city. Should the line be placed above ground with crossing gates at all intersections (at a much lower cost), or should the city bury the lines, constructing bridges where necessary, to ensure that Summit would always be a united community?  The town fathers at that time made a wise, albeit more costly decision, to keep our community united.  There would be no “wrong side of the tracks” in Summit.  Their foresight is their legacy to us – we the 21st Century citizens, enjoying beautiful homes and schools across the community. 

Now we ask you to show that same foresight in renovating the only truly community-wide accessible gym and recreation center in Summit so that groups of all ages will be able to use the facility for decades to come.  What a wonderful legacy that would be for the 2014 Summit Common Council!
Thank you for your wise consideration. 

Phyllis and Lewis Sank