SUMMIT, NJ – Virtue Tile has a long history in Summit, and an even longer history in northern New Jersey, dating back to the days when W.D. Virtue built the business, brick by brick.

Virtue’s grandson, David Mozes, now runs the business that has been in Summit for decades. While they now provide high-end tile to high-end residential and commercial customers, it started as a brick business. In the mid-1950s, David’s parents settled in Summit and his father started selling bricks for his grandfather. In fact, they provided the brick that was used to build Summit High School and the public library.

But as time went on, David’s father discovered he could sell a truckload of tile at more of a profit than brick, so the business added tile to its offerings. Eventually they switched completely to tile, and Virtue is now the area’s go-to place for beautiful, unique tile that makes home interiors stand out.

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While Virtue Tile initially dealt primarily with professional interior designers and the commercial sector, since David took over it has gradually gone from 80-90 percent commercial to that much residential. In the Summit area, most of their tile is sold for high-end remodeling projects.

“We’re known for having beautiful, expensive tile, but we also have tile to suit any budget,” David said. “We can work with any budget, from shoestring to sky’s the limit. The key is that we’ve been around for so long and we’ve been so successful that a lot of vendors know us, and keep coming to us with new products. Those relationships have served us very well over the years. We have built a reputation in the industry and it still holds. People always seem to find us.”

Tile is one of those interior features that never goes out of fashion, although the styles may change.

“In the last 25 years, there are not many kitchens that don’t have some kind of tile on the backsplash,” David said. “Glass is huge these days, in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. Every day we sell glass mosaics. We even sell countertops of recycled glass.”

Virtue’s commitment to contributing to a clean environment is one of the many things that appeals to today’s consumers. They sell a variety of products composed of recycled materials, and align themselves with manufacturers who actively promote the use of post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

“It’s important to know that much of what makes a product green is its non-toxic nature and sustainability,” David explained. “When it’s properly installed, beautiful ceramic tile will last forever with no adverse effect on the environment.  Many of our suppliers are American and ship to us from within a 500 mile radius, eliminating the need for additional transportation costs.”

To see any of the products Virtue Tile has available, or to talk about the plans for your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, pool or wine cellar, call (908) 273-6936 or visit