SUMMIT, NJ - The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey fall shows -- "Casey Ruble: Everything That Rises," "Adhere," and "Shape of Play: Sculpture by Don Porcaro" -- are set to open September 20, with an opening reception held from 2 - 4  p.m. in the Art Center Galleries and Sculpture Park. The event is free and open to all. 

A recipient of a grant award from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, the exhibition "Everything That Rises: Casey Ruble" features a series of small-scale paper collages, depicting two types of sites in New Jersey: former safe houses on the Underground Railroad, and locations where race riots have broken out.
New Jersey artist Ruble has traversed the state researching and documenting these sites, most of which today seem historically unremarkable. Picturing hair salons, empty fields, abandoned buildings, churches, and police stations, Ruble’s small-scale collages have both a quietude and an eeriness that speaks to the ways we remember -- and forget -- the charged events of our country’s history of race relations.

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The exhibition will include an interactive component wherein the artwork images are linked by QR codes to historical background information. Curated by Mary Birmingham, the exhibition will be on view in the Mitzi & Warren Eisenberg Gallery. A series of related programming will be held in conjunction with this exhibition. All programs are free with gallery admission, members are admitted free, with admission priced at $5 for non-members..

 Featured in the Main Gallery: "Adhere" is a series of site-specific installations will showcase art using adhesives as a distinctive and unconventional medium. The works on view incorporate various tapes, glues, and stickers used for mark making, shading, color and texture. Artists from across the United States and Europe will present selected works that demonstrate the somewhat unexpected and incredibly technical aesthetic quality of this art form. Participating artists include: Tirtzah Bassel, Travis Childers, Kayt Hester, Ye Hongxing, Vandana Jain, Hong Seon Jang, Mark Khaisman, Sandra Ono, Johan Rijpma, and Heidi van Wieren. The exhibition is curated by Katherine Murdock.

"Shape of Play: Sculpture by Don Porcaro" showcases 156 colorful, animated figures layered in rows of graduated shelves which will transform Studio X into the “Cabinet of Nomads.” The New York-based artist’s installation, along with other sculptures from his “Sentinel” and “Childhood’s End” series, will be on view through January 17, 2016.
In the Sculpture Park, a group of recent works from Porcaro’s “Talisman” series will be on view through November 15. These figures of layered stone and marble with brass fittings appear both whimsical and weighty, at times resembling space aliens or pre-historic figurines.

Also on view will be on the Main Staircase is "Stair-Gazing: Louisa Armbrust," with the artist using a cyanotype photograph as her medium, recreating poses from a swimming instruction manual published in Hungry in 1956.

In the Marité & Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II, "Eight is Enough: Students of Anne Kullaf" will showcase recent paintings and drawings by some of the Art Center’s talented student artists.

The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is located at 68 Elm Street.  For More information, visit