I am so tired of career politicians like David Larsen.  Dave Larsen has spent the last 5 years doing one thing — running for Congress.  Larsen lost in both 2010 and 2012 by more than 20 points.  Yet here he goes again, running for Congress a third time.  

Does Dave Larsen think 7th District voters are going to forget that he ran up more than $25,000 in unpaid tax debt.  Instead of paying these taxes, Larsen spent $300,000 of his own money to run for Congress.

In fact, 21 times Dave Larsen failed to pay his New Jersey state property taxes in full and one-time dating back to 1996.

We don’t need another tax-dodging politician in Washington.  We can’t afford David Larsen.  On June 3 I am voting to reelect a man of ethical integrity and fiscal responsibility — my congressman Leonard Lance.

Dorothy Burger