Summit's Other Fellow First Foundation - We have existed to help NJ families in distress for 17 years

“We make a living by what we get and a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

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We hope you and your family are well.

Every community is vulnerable to something. Fires, floods, robberies, substance abuse, family violence are just some examples of how life can surprise you when you least expect it. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma remind us all that when you are in distress you need help right away and time is of the essence. Sometimes, local families can be overwhelmed by human forces as powerful as hurricanes but nobody knows about it. Through our quiet network of local religious organizations, the Chief of Police, the Mayor and other members of our community network, we have a very good local radar system for families in distress.

Unlike larger local foundations, we don’t have a Grants Committee that meets once or twice / year, we meet when and as needed. We like to think of ourselves as very alert community shock absorbers who respond like a Seal Team if a Summit family finds itself in distress. Sometimes the speed of the assistance is more important than the amount. While our size limits our ability, sometimes our average gift of about $1,200 can make a huge and timely difference in paying for a funeral, keeping the heat on, or simply paying the rent. Most of the time, nobody knows we provided assistance. We like it this way. The help we quietly provide is a reflection of our community donors, like you, who believe, as we do, that adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it. Bottom line, no one is immune from adversity.

Summit is a city deeply invested in the spirit of volunteerism. Some of our most important and iconic organizations, like the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad, are great at providing emergency medical attention but bashful about asking for help themselves when they need it. While they have difficulty blowing their own trumpet, we don’t. Over the years, when needed, we have led the fundraising efforts for many groups who have needed help with fundraising.

Here are some highlights of the last 17 years:

  • Led a successful $5,000,000 capital campaign for the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad to rebuild their facility.

  • Completed 9 Annual Frozen Turkey Drives for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and, in aggregate, have now collected $88,000.00, 24.5 tons of turkey and 14 tons of groceries on the last 9 Sundays before Thanksgiving.

  • Continued in our major role of acting as an emergency source of funding for Summit families in distress. To date, we have provided almost $350,000 in emergency family funding.

  • Led an extremely successful $26,000 Go Fund Me appeal for one of our Auxiliary Policeman who was beaten while stopping in the middle of the night to provide Good Samaritan assistance to a stopped car on Route 24.

  • Countless $1,000 visits to desperate Summit families who had no other place to turn

Like our world headquarters, the Summit Diner, we hope our tiny size reminds everyone that little efforts matter.

Year-end demands on our resources are always great. We realize you have many demands on your generosity. That said, as we approach the Thanksgiving and Holiday season, if you would consider helping us again, we would be most grateful.


Jordan Glatt, James Greberis, David W. Haire, and T. Brett Haire