When ferris wheels, puppets, and lizards come to mind, most people would think of a fun, entertaining day. But in Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School, some of the students would disagree.  They see their worst fears.

Eighth grader Kayla H. said that ferris wheels are extremely freaky the way they go “so slowly in a circle so high up.”  If she goes on one at an amusement park she screams and holds on to the middle pole.  Eighth grader Najeeka O. said that her fear of puppets was triggered from watching the movie Chucky.  If she is anywhere close to a puppet she will scream and run and refuse to look at it.  Jackie M. said that she is afraid of ghosts. When asked what she would do if she saw a ghost she said she would scream and run away.  She is afraid of ghosts for the understandable reason that ghosts are so often the topic of scary stories and she has gotten so creeped out.

The phobia that reoccurred is fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia. Eighth graders Claire D., Michael A., Esteban H., Khia F., and Lauren D. are all afraid of the creepy crawly bugs.  The students say that they are creepy because of their eight hairy legs.

There are also many students who experience more unique fears.  Paul F. has a fear of velociraptors.  The 8th grader said that they eat people’s brains.  He said “I don’t see how people are not afraid of them!” Diata C. also shared her interesting fear of 18 wheelers.  Her fear was triggered when she saw an extremely frightening car accident with an 18 wheeler that flipped onto the car. When she is in the car and an 18 wheeler drives next to her, she screams and commands the driver to drive away from it.