On June 9, Common Council voted to spend $18,500 for yet another parking study, this time to review the feasibility of erecting a tiered parking garage either on the lot behind the post office or on the corner of DeForest and Woodland Avenues.

Council discussed the safety of having Lincoln-Hubbard schoolchildren cross the street near a large parking garage. Mayor Ellen Dickson stated that she was not sure of the exact boundaries of the Lincoln-Hubbard district, and whether students from the school actually would be affected.

This cavalier comment is disturbing on a few levels.

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More than three years into her term, Mayor Dickson ought to know the elementary school zone boundaries. And if not, she should have looked at the Lincoln-Hubbard boundaries before commenting upon the likely impact on children’s safety.

The Lincoln-Hubbard students who "actually would be affected” live as far west as Oakley Avenue and travel along Kent Place Boulevard to DeForest and then cross at Woodland Avenue. Another group of students travel from Ruthven Place and Franklin Place, go along Springfield Avenue or DeForest, and also cross Woodland. And what about the many middle school students who pass through that intersection? I could go on.

Our mayor has the ability to lead by advocating for all Summit residents, even those not old enough to vote. Mayor Dickson got the facts wrong and missed the opportunity to lead on an important issue that impacts both our downtown and our children’s safety.