Greetings neighbor!

Out on the campaign trail, I’m often asked, “Mike, why are you running for council?” A good question.I’m running for council because I believe it is important to give back

Summit didn’t happen by accident, we all stand of the shoulders of those that came before us and laid the foundation for what we are today.

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I believe we live in service to others. I’m running for council to preserve and grow the Summit experience that my family has been so blessed to have, and I'm asking you to join me.

My vision is a Summit where millennials just starting a family can live side by side along the greatest generation, those that have paid their dues and deserve a chance to stay in the house they raised their family in.

My vision is a Summit where people of all walks of life and income status can live here, people from all different types of backgrounds and professions.

Will you stand with me?

Summit’s strength has always been its people, people who are different but share the same values and commitment to community.

The future of Summit is in our hands. Working together we can make Summit even better. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Mike Wattick is the Republican candidate for Summit Common Council, Ward II