SUMMIT, NJ - As a seasoned veteran in the real estate industry, Weichert Realtor Zelda Greenwald got into the business 35 years ago and said she doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon.

She is licensed in Ohio, Arizona and New Jersey, but loves the fast pace of the Garden State, she said. In her numerous years at Weichert, she has become one of the top producers at the agency and is quite proud of herself, Greenwald said.

With 300 offices in the state and many throughout the country, Weichert is an amazing company, she said. She said the incredible training and exposure they provide are a few of the reasons she has stayed with them for so long.

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“I love the business; it’s really a big part of me,” she said. “I’m just a people person.”

Meeting new people makes her job much more fun, but the biggest challenge is understanding their needs, she said. She said she has to be on the same page as the buyers, otherwise they will not be happy.

She said a Realtor cannot come off like a vulture because people will be scared off.

“I’m not going to push them into a home unless it’s right,” she said.

Buying, selling, relationships, trends, numbers, houses and everything that goes with real estate she loves, she said. However, being successful in her business is about integrity, Greenwald said and without it she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

The majority of her business has been repeat or through referrals and she feels if she hadn’t always been truthful with her clients, her productivity would have suffered.

“People come to me because I tell them not what they want, but what’s realistic,” Greenwald said.

A major difference between when she first started and now is technology, she said. She was hesitant to use it, but now she can‘t get enough of it, she said.

Today, people have the ability to research homes and come into the buying and selling process a lot smarter, she said. Also, the internet allows her to show clients charts depicting trends in the market.

“It’s a much more difficult market today,” she said. “The buyers today are very savvy.”

She said she always imagined being a Realtor and even during the recession a few years ago she never thought about quitting. Greenwald said she knew the market would return and predicts things will finally start to get better in 2013.