I recently received two startling pieces of mail— attack ads focused on the Democratic Ward 2 candidate, Greg Vartan. I had hoped that our town would be above the political fray; that in a year when political tribalism seems to outweigh common sense, that our local candidates would focus on the issues and their proposed solutions vs. attacking a rival.

It was a disappointing moment for me, especially as a registered member of the Republican Party. Here’s what I know, Greg Vartan is indeed ready to be a leader for Summit. In fact, Greg already IS a leader for Summit. He’s been a member of the Volunteer First Aid Squad for eight years. He served two years on the Planning Board, two years on the Environmental Commission, two years on the Summit EMS Board of Trustees, is a former member of the Recycling Advisory Committee, former intern for the Summit Police Department and a past volunteer for the Summit Police Youth Academy. This is the résumé of a committed local leader. We are fortunate to have someone on the ballot with this kind of experience.

As a fourth generation Hilltopper, Greg has a deeply rooted sense of pride in our wonderful town. Greg understands our community; where we have been and where we need to go. He brings a willingness to listen to and engage all residents, truly representing Ward 2 in its entirety. Many of you have met Greg. He’s been out knocking on doors, listening to all points of view and offering what he brings to the table for us. Greg and his team have knocked on each Ward 2 door!

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There are some who would paint any Democratic candidate with the wide brush of higher taxes and more bureaucracy. I urge Ward 2 residents to listen to what Greg has to say. He is focused on a common sense agenda, committed to fiscal responsibility and constantly considering the downstream impacts of council decisions. Greg Vartan is a candidate we can all get behind, regardless of party affiliations.

This Election Day. I urge any Ward 2 resident -- that has not had the chance yet -- to speak with Greg and hear firsthand about his vision for Summit. One conversation and you will understand the depth of Greg’s commitment to our town. He is bright, thoughtful, and all about making Summit the best it can be. He is committed to public service in a way we rarely see today and we would be fortunate to have him representing Ward 2 on our City Council.

Angela Gannon