Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows how much I love Summit. This town never fails to demonstrate what a community should be. Sometimes I wish we could bottle what we have going here and spread it around the nation. So it’s not difficult to understand how deeply I care about who we choose to lead our Community.

This November, Summit is blessed to have good field of candidates to choose from with the At-Large seat, and the two Common Council seats all being contested – one sign of a healthy democracy. However, there are three candidates in particular that I believe deserve your consideration: Marjorie Fox , Beth Little and Matt Gould.

I have known Marjorie for more years than either one of us wants to admit. Throughout her time in the city, Marjorie has shown time and time again the ability to identify a need in Summit, and then to marshal the resources and people to come up with a way to solve it. One such example happened in 2006 while I was Mayor. Marjorie came to me and wanted to start an Earth Day clean up in Summit. While skeptical that she would be able to get individuals to spend a day picking up garbage, today hundreds of families volunteer every year to do just that (Summit does not disappoint). This is but one of numerous projects where Marjorie has been able to have a significant impact on the health and environment of our community. Marjorie will represent Summit well as the Ward 2 Councilperson.

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To be perfectly honest, I don’t have the same long history with Beth Little. However, Beth is one of Summit’s unsung heroes – that dedicated and committed volunteer. Beth is not one to boast about her accomplishments. That’s not her temperament. However, she has given countless hours to many charitable causes in town, including The Santa Claus Shop, SEF, The Connection and LCJSMS PTO to name a few. Beth has done this not because she expects anything in return, not to help her business, but rather she just wants to make her home town a better place for her family and yours. She deserves our support for the At-Large Common Council seat.

Lastly, running in Ward 2 I’ve come to know Matt Gould this past year, and I believe he would be an excellent choice to represent Summit on Common Council. Matt is a creative, proactive, and enthusiastic person. As a television executive, he’s spent his career finding creative solutions to thorny problems, managing large budgets with thin margins, and championing collaboration among wildly different groups of people. He’s worked and traveled around the USA and the world, and he will bring the best ideas from these places to implement in Summit.

Also, Matt has worked closely with mayors, firefighters, EMTs, and Police officers across the country – these experiences will help Matt find new ways to keep Summit moving forward for all of us.

Friends, contested elections in a small town are tricky. They can be divisive. I ask you to learn about the candidates; choose wisely; remember character counts, and your vote on November 7th does matter! Lastly, remember that all of those who have raised their hand to serve have volunteered to take one of Summit’s most demanding jobs. They all deserve our thanks and gratitude.

Jordan Glatt