Statement Regarding Hate Symbols in Summit Schools

Recently there were three incidents of swastikas and hate symbols  drawn in the bathrooms at the Lawton C. Johnson Middle School and Summit High School. We as civic and faith leaders in this community publicly, and without reservation, denounce this action and all actions of hate speech and symbolism. As people of good will, we are concerned about expressions of hate wherever and whenever they occur. When such expressions occur in a school in our own community, we believe it is important to use this as a teaching moment for our children and for the whole community. Our hope is to do more than just denounce such symbolism but to work to build a community that values our diversity, celebrates our varied histories, and is committed to honoring and respecting all people. This takes education and dialogue about the history of hateful symbols and words. We remain committed in our mission to “seek the welfare of the city” (Jeremiah 29:7).

Rev. Blake Scalet

Adopted 11/30/2018

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