I’ve heard that in local politics, you vote for a person rather than a party. If that’s true, then Greg Vartan should win everyone’s vote for Ward 2 Council. His active engagement in making Summit the best it can be is carried out with thoughtfulness, energy and a genuine concern for addressing multiple points of view.

Greg first knocked on my door two years ago, and I was genuinely impressed by this young guy working hard to reach voters and hear what was on our minds, while making sure we knew both his name and his commitment to Summit. When Greg lost that election—by 9 votes—he didn’t put the town through any rancorous recount, and he didn’t withdraw from Summit life to recover. Instead, he volunteered for the town’s Planning Board; he became a Trustee of the Volunteer First Aid Squad where he’s been an active volunteer for 8 years (he’s still responding to medical emergencies between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. every Sunday night); and he currently serves as the Planning Board’s liaison to our Environmental Commission.  

Now, he’s running again—with as much energy and commitment as ever, if not more. When I talk to Greg, he listens. When he talks, his views are broad, well-informed, and practical. I’ve lived in Summit for 23 years, and I’m happy to trust Greg with the next 23 years of our town’s progress.  I urge you to check out his Facebook page, Vartan’s Views, and get to know Greg for yourself. I think you’ll be as excited about electing him to our Common Council as I am.

Karen Kaplan