Marjorie Fox was making a positive impact in Summit long before she decided to run for Summit Council.

Years back during baseball season, I was one of many parents aghast at seeing countless plastic bottles overflowing from the garbage cans at our baseball fields — at that time, not all of the fields had recycling bins.  Soon enough, I called the town and complained about the absence of recycling bins at the baseball fields. And, soon enough, I received a return call from Marjorie Fox, the Chair of the Summit Recycling Advisory Committee. During our conversation there were no excuses and there was no nonsense. Marjorie subsequently kept me posted as she managed the funding and delivery of the recycling bins, and in short order, recycling bins were located at all of Summit’s baseball fields. 

Marjorie’s handling of this issue exemplifies how local government should work: public officials should be accessible and responsive; public officials should promptly address constituent concerns and rectify problems. Marjorie’s handling of this issue demonstrates how she would serve on Summit Council. I finally met Marjorie about nine months ago, and I recognized her name from many years back. I thought, how fitting that Marjorie Fox is running for Council.  I am enthusiastically supporting Marjorie for Common Council, Ward 2 and I urge you to support her as well.  

Karen Raihofer