I am writing in support of Marjorie Fox. Long before Marjorie decided to enter politics, she was exercising strong citizenship with voice and deed to make Summit a desirable 21st century city. Her vision, intellect, warmth and steadfast work ethic have served us well to-date. We have made tremendous inroads as a sustainable community directly due to Marjorie’s hard work over 18 years and more. Given an opportunity to serve on Common Council for Ward 2 stakeholders, I am confident she will participate in the government process to benefit Ward 2 opportunities and concerns, and effectively work on behalf of the whole town. 

Marjorie has demonstrated leadership and she follows through on her promises. She recognizes that it takes creative thinking to keep fiscal responsibility balanced with wish lists in neighborhoods and the town as a whole. All politics is local and an effective stakeholder in government has to make promises that can have realistic chances of coming to fruition.  It serves our community to be honest about budgets, sources of revenue and influence on systems that affect every day life. Marjorie does her research; listens to all perspectives and then acts analytically for the common good. We can trust Marjorie. We need Marjorie as the elected Ward 2 Council person to help make the most of the opportunities we have and to work diligently to find solutions to our challenges.   

I would like generations of Summit residents to continue to feel that Summit is the hometown of choice for them and can evolve successfully into the future. Sustainability equates to efficient and cost-effective management of resources – not cost-cutting management of resources leaving gaping holes in local services.

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We can count on Marjorie to listen, be creative about solutions and work respectfully with all government officials to jointly help Summit be its “best self” and attract residents and visitors to keep our local economy vibrant.

Annette Dwyer