As Mayor of Summit, I am keenly aware that embracing the future is the only way to ensure that we can withstand the challenges of the present. We live in a pivotal time. Communities that take a “do no harm” approach will find themselves falling behind. This is why I am endorsing Beth Little, Marjorie Fox, and Matt Gould for Common Council. These candidates are problem-solvers. They understand our changing economy and they have the skills and creative ideas to unlock its potential.

In addition, they have the sound judgment that is a keystone to effective governing. They understand the rules of civil society and know that those rules apply to all of us equally. They will be strong collaborators who will demonstrate thoughtful concern for all our residents, not simply those who support their candidacy.  

Beth Little

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I have known Beth Little for over 12 years and have watched her put tremendous effort into everything she does. As a fellow board member of the Summit Educational Foundation, Beth brought her knowledge of the community and the needs of students across the entire spectrum of the district to the board. Her insights were often essential to our decision-making process.

When faced with complex problems, Beth relies upon her prosecutorial skills to research issues and fully inform herself. Once she has the information she needs Beth works tirelessly to solve those issues. She has worked with people from all over town as a board member at The Connection, a leader of the Santa Claus Shop, and a coordinator of sports teams. Beth is an experienced leader in Summit with the judgment and integrity to be an effective leader on Common Council.

Marjorie Fox

Marjorie Fox has spent many years serving the citizens of Summit; one of her main objectives is to find opportunities to do good and simultaneously save the city money. For example, through the work of the Recycling Advisory Committee, of which she is the chairwoman, the city has saved approximately $700,000 dollars per year. This pragmatic approach will serve us well on Council.

Marjorie is indefatigable and has consistently demonstrated hard work and commitment to our community. Her quiet tenacity and focus make her an extremely effective leader, while her work as a lawyer for New York City gave her solid experience in complex governmental issues. In addition, her years of service to Summit involved successful collaborations with governmental, civic, and business organizations -- if elected to Council, she will be able to hit the ground running.

Matt Gould

Matt Gould will bring a fresh point of view to our governing body. With daughters in Summit elementary, Middle School, and High School, he brings to Council a needed perspective on the priorities of families across the school spectrum. In addition, the collaborative demands of his work as television producer will prepare him well for work on our Council. Matt has demonstrated his commitment to our quality of life here in Summit through his service on the Board of the Visual Arts Center and as a member of the Summit Public Art Committee.

In particular, Matt has given a great deal of thought to proactive ways of addressing the thorny subject of property taxes. He believes that we need to take better advantage of the opportunity presented to Summit as a transit hub, increasing street life and ratables through thoughtful redevelopment of our downtown. We will all benefit when millennials, seniors, teachers and policemen can find affordable housing in our town center. Matt’s energy and vision can make creative new solutions to old problems a reality for our city.

I encourage you to go to the polls on November 7 and support these candidates. They have demonstrated concrete qualifications, energy and drive, and moral integrity that make them assets to our community and would make them highly effective on Common Council.

Nora G. Radest