I ran for Council in Ward 2 last year. I spoke to thousands of Summit residents about their concerns and ideas for how to make Summit even greater. This year I’m supporting Marjorie Fox and I think you should, too. Here are three of the many reasons why:

1. Her professional background and service to our City

Marjorie was previously a lawyer working for the City of New York. Since moving to Summit, she’s been involved in numerous City commissions and committees and has actually made a difference throughout town from recycling to schools and beyond.

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2. Her refreshing combination of fiscal responsibility and forward-thinking

Marjorie knows that our property tax burden is the largest concern for many Summit residents. The County taxes are obviously frustrating for everyone. She plans to work with the County to bring dollars and services back to Summit. This is a strategy based on the common-sense notion that just being upset about the taxes won’t fix the problem. She has also fiercely advocated for more appropriate spending in town, opposing the ridiculous plan approved by Council to borrow $300,000 in order to install decorative cobblestones on Beechwood Rd.

3. Her accessibility and open-mindedness

Marjorie has worked with lots of different people in a variety of different capacities all across Summit. She understands and celebrates our diversity. I also knocked on a number of doors with her over the last two years. Marjorie is incredibly knowledgeable about policy and also firm about her values. Marjorie doesn’t simply tell you what you want to hear or make promises that are unrealistic. She makes herself available and accessible.

In summary, Marjorie Fox is the Councilwoman we need.

Greg Vartan