I have never written a letter to endorse a candidate before, but I am doing so now in support of our current Council President David Naidu as he seeks re-election.

I first met David when he knocked on my door in 2015. He was running for Council, and I had just moved into a new home in the Washington Elementary neighborhood. I can truly say, “he had me at hello.” David was clearly smart, kind, and devoted to our community. I told him then that he had my vote, and my support for him has never wavered.

As I’ve seen David approach Summit’s challenges and opportunities over the past three years, he has consistently been engaged and thoughtful – but, perhaps most importantly, he takes the community’s concerns to heart. For example, when corporate membership to the Summit pool was proposed in Spring 2017, David was the only Council member to oppose it from the start – recognizing that the pool is a beloved safe space for Summit families. I thank him for ensuring that the community was aware of this proposal before the vote, so that many of us could come out and speak against it – and ultimately, Council voted not to make the change.

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I also appreciate David’s informative Facebook page, especially since he became Council President when he started to post the Council agenda, in everyday language, so we can know what’s going on before it happens. Everything he does speaks of his commitment to inclusivity and community involvement in what goes on in Summit.

When it comes to City Council, it’s not about political party – it’s about hard work and shared values. I urge everyone in Ward 1 to cast their vote for David Naidu this November. We’re lucky to have him in our corner.

January Hagan