'Puxataney Phil' recently predicted 6 more weeks of winter (fortunately he has been right only 39% of the time).   While most of us have spent this winter trying to stay warm, we have a “band of brothers and sisters” keeping us safe throughout this brutal winter.  While we are not out of the woods yet, it is never too early to say “Thank You” to the dedicated, outstanding men and women of our Police, Fire and Public Works Departments and our Volunteer First Aid Squad.

Our excellent Police do more than keep watch 24/7….they reach out to our community in so many ways, including teaching our children through the DARE Program and the Summit PD Youth Academy.  Our incredible Fire Department has had an extremely busy year fighting fires in this incredible cold.  Once again, they too do more than just keep us safe.  This past year the FMBA sponsored my Suburban League Baseball Team and of course host the annual Trycan Baseball Game for handicapped children.  You cannot say enough about our amazing First Aid Squad and the tremendous job they do.  Lastly, and unfortunately far too often overlooked, is the work of our Public Works Department. While most people just think of waste pick-up and the Town Yard (NO, it is not a Dump!) when they think of Public Works, they also put their lives on the line.  Plowing and salting our roads all hours of the day and night and removing trees from downed electrical lines so JCP&L can restore the lines is hazardous work.  Two town employees have lost their lives while on duty….both have been Public Works employees, one of whom’s son continues to serve us.

So, hopefully Phil is wrong again (gee, he may have a future in politics) and we will all soon emerge from the warmth of our homes.   When we do, let’s take a few minutes to say “Thank you for your service.”

Mike Vernotico