A victory by Tom Malinowski would send a bad message: no good deed by Leonard Lance goes unpunished by the voters. Don’t send that message.

Incumbent Congress Member, Leonard Lance, a moderate Republican, is known for reaching across the aisle to solve problems. In fact, Leonard is a key member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, a bi-partisan coalition of approximately 48 members consisting of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. This group seeks non-partisan solutions to national issues.

Leonard’s record demonstrates party independence, including opposition to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - that puts residents of high-tax states such as New Jersey at a stark disadvantage - and opposition to the American Health Care Act of 2017 that would have partially repealed the Affordable Care Act. Those and other votes rank Leonard as the 14th most likely Member of the House to vote against his party.

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Leonard does, however, side with his party 87% of the time, notably opposing the Iran Deal.

Leonard is one of the more thoughtful, measured, and analytical Members of the House, making him a known commodity. Malinowski is unknown, giving voters no assurance that he would tamp down the partisan rancor that permeates Congress today.

Reward Leonard Lance on November 6 for his nonpartisan approach to solving problems.

Jim Bennett, Summit