Is your child’s classroom teacher asking students to read books on a specific level? If so, do you know your child’s current reading level? The best way to answer these questions is to ask your child’s teacher. Okay, you’ve checked with your child’s classroom teacher and he or she has shared your child’s reading level, but now you’re wondering how to select books based on your child’s reading level for outside of class reading. If you’re curious about where to start, you don’t have to look any further than the Summit Free Public Library. We’re here to help! Here you can search for books by Guided Reading Level using our Leveled Readers Binder, through our online card catalog, and/or through a book list we’ve compiled on the library website.

Getting Started

Visit the library staff at the Youth Services Reference (Ask Us) desk—we love answering questions!  We have a very helpful Leveled Readers Binder at the desk. The binder contains a list of popular books grouped by reading level, listed in order, alphabetically by title. Since the library owns each title located in the binder, the author and call number or shelf location are also included, so you can easily find the book on the shelf—or just ask us to help.  

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Alternatively, you may search for books by reading level directly on the library catalog. Visit the library’s catalog at Go to the Catalog tab. In the search box at the top of the page, type in the following (we’re using ‘level m’ as an example, you’ll replace the lowercase letter ‘m’ with whatever level your child is reading at): tag: “level-m-books”. The catalog will display a list of books by the level that you have entered.

Finally, you may visit the library’s website to find the library’s complete list of Leveled Readers. You can find this list by going to and going to the Kids tab. From there you can select Booklists from the drop down menu and select the Leveled Readers tab. Each hyperlinked level will direct you to the corresponding list in our library catalog. Additionally, if you are looking for a list of books for children on different topics, the Youth Services Department’s collection of Book Lists are also listed on this page and are linked to the library’s catalog as well.  

As always, if you’re in the library and your child wants or needs a suggestion for a new book to read, regardless of the level or topic, please ask the library staff members at the “Ask Us” desk. If you’re looking for a book on a specific level, don’t forget to ask for the Leveled Reading Binder. Reading should be fun—involve your kids in selecting their books—guide them using our Binder, but give them some leeway to choose books on topics that appeal to them as well, while gently suggesting books on topics that might be outside their typical interests. Inspire a love of reading in your children by reading with them, and also by reading books yourself. Our kids model our behaviors—and visiting the library to select books together is a great place to start!