Today’s moon is in transit. You may encounter unusual trouble with work, spirituality, sex, and love. Exercise patience in your effort to identify what has gone wrong in your life, and make changes. Now is not the time for thinking and creativity.

This was my horoscope on January 1st, 2020. I thought it was important to understand what portends for the new year and the decade that is in ascendance.

Fortunately for me, the Internet provides a plethora of astute astrological opinions. So I searched until I found one that I liked better.

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The moon in Pisces is making a trine with Mars in Scorpio. This is conducive to feeling comfortable. It is a good day to relax; avoid shopping and making decisions. After that the moon moves to Aries.

I interpreted this as a sign that I should be lying on the couch watching football all day. This is more in keeping with how I wanted to kick off the next ten years.

Of course, I don’t really believe in Astrology. But I do believe in the precision of celestial movement. And I do believe in confirmation bias. When astrology guides me in a way I am inclined to go anyway, I feel good that my decisions are guided by the ancient stars. When my natal chart says gushingly that I am strong and independent, how can I not accept the supreme truth of the cosmos?

Astrology provides a useful framework for dealing with the uncertainty that challenges our lives. It can explain why things happen the way they do and give a mystical nudge forward when we feel at a crossroad. And when astrology appears accurate, we believe it. And when we doubt it, we can conveniently ignore it.

For example, I am not compatible with Taurus. Yet I am happily married to one. When we were dating I saw stars for other reasons, I wasn’t about to listen to their warnings as presented on the entertainment section of some local Newspaper.

But my interest in astrology is only as a sceptic who also appreciates the beauty in the inexplicable universe. The nuances of planetary movements and their meanings are lost on me. When I read that Mercury is in Pisces, I don’t eat fish. When I see that Venus is Retrograde I assume it is yet another fashion trend I have missed. When I find Mars is Ascending I worry about an alien invasion. When I am told Jupiter is in Transit I expect a delivery from Amazon.

I don’t have a clue what any of this stuff means. Which is why I must rely on the insight of trained astrologists to interpret the whims of the planets for me. Thankfully there are a lot of them. The best are insightful and good at creative writing. The worst are obtuse and good at creative writing.

I keep hearing that Astrology is making a comeback with Millennials. This really means that astrology has become less important for those that came before.

I am at a point in my life where I don’t need astrology to advise me on weighty career decisions or steer me around emotional landmines or entice me to trust the magnetism of new opportunities. I want something a little more basic.

I want a horoscope that confirms that my moon is where it should be and that the dishwasher repairman will enter my house today between 9am and 1pm and that I should avoid the Parkway near the Neptune NJ exit due to unusually heavy traffic. That would be very helpful and make me feel good that I am moving forward in life.

As we grow even older, of course, the value of astrology diminishes completely. When I am 90 years old I won’t be needing any career or relationship advice. When I am 90 years old anything in ascendance will be positive. When I am 90 and my horoscope reads Uranus is in Cancer it is time to see an oncologist. And when I am old and grumpy, it won’t be because Mercury is in retrograde. It will be because I am old and grumpy.

It is 2020, and over the coming decade big things are in store for us. Pluto will end its run through Capricorn and enter Aquarius and Neptune will begin its transit of Aries.

I can’t tell you what this means. But I would be happy to take a stab at being an astrologer, even though now is not the time for thinking and creativity.

In your House Pluto will bring great transformation and Neptune will stimulate your intellect and individual power to invoke the changes you seek. You are who you are and people respect you and love you for it. You will make important decisions and live life as though your life depends on it, without fear of horoscopes.

Here is to a very healthy and happy new year.