12/16/17 7:42 am     FD dispatched to DE FOREST AVENUE and MAPLE STREET for a strong odor of natural gas in area. On arrival found an outside odor of natural gas. PSEG was requested and responded to the scene. Readings of 7% natural gas were found in the manholes in the center of the intersection. CVS was checked and zero readings for natural gas were found. Summit FD was released by PSEG upon their arrival.

12/17/2017 3:58 pm     FD dispatched to PEARL STREET for a report of a strong odor of natural gas in the area. PSE&G was on scene prior to FD arrival. The gas company advised they would remain on scene to make repairs.

12/18/2017 8:56 am     FD dispatched to a MEADOWBROOK residence for a report of open burning. On arrival found a contractor burning construction debris in the front yard of the house. FD personnel extinguished the fire with 2.5 gallon pressurized water extinguisher. The area was overhauled. The contractor was issued a verbal warning for open burning.

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12/18/17 5:13 pm     FD dispatched to WEBSTER AVENUE residence on a report of an electrical burning odor in the house.  On arrival and investigation found an overheated doorbell transformer in the basement. The transformer was disconnected and removed from the residence. The homeowner was advised of FD findings and told to have a licensed electrician make repairs.

12/19/17 7:00 am      FD dispatched to the area of ASHWOOD AVENUE and PERAL STREET for a reported strong odor of natural gas in the area reported by a passerby. Upon arrival and investigation FD found readings of natural gas in the storm sewer and shutoff pits in the intersection. PSE&G was notified and responded. FD also checked the neighboring homes with the PSE&G representative for natural gas. No readings of natural gas were detected in any of the neighboring homes. SFD was released by PSE&G who remained on scene to dig up the leak and make repairs.

12/20/2017 7:42 am     FD dispatched to intersection of BROAD STREET and CEDAR STREET for a motor vehicle accident with rollover and entrapment. Upon arrival, FD found a two-vehicle accident with one vehicle on its side with three occupants trapped inside. FD stabilized the vehicle and opened the rear door to gain access to the patients. The occupants self-extricated from the vehicle.  All occupants were treated by Summit EMS. FD personnel secured both vehicles. FD personnel remained on location until the vehicle was up righted and removed from the scene.

12/21/2017 5:20 pm     FD dispatched into Millburn, WILLOW STREET for a report of smoke in the structure.  While in route Summit cancelled by Millburn Battalion Chief upon his arrival and investigation.

12/22/17 8:10 am     FD dispatched to RIDGE ROAD for a report of wires down. On arrival found a telephone trunk line down across the roadway. Verizon notified to respond to the scene. PD was requested to respond with barricades. The roadway was shut down with barricades and FD personnel were released by Summit PD.

12/22/2017 3:49 pm       FD dispatched to a MORRIS AVENUE apartment complex for an inside odor of natural gas. On arrival found a strong odor of natural gas in the hallway. FD personnel forced entry to an apartment to check for leak. FD found stove was on but burner was not burning. Occupants were out at the time.  FD took readings of 5% natural gas found in the apartment. FD secured gas to the stove and vented the apartment of natural gas. The basement checked with zero readings found. FD checked the apartment above and zero readings were found. PSEG arrived on location and checked the building, PSEG found zero readings. FD turned apartment over to the manager upon his arrival.

12/22/2017 6:06 am     FD dispatched to the area of GLEN OAKS and CRESTWOOD LANE for an outside odor of natural gas. On arrival and investigation FD found slight odor of natural gas in the area. PSEG was requested and responded to the scene. FD personnel were released by PSEG upon their arrival.

12/23/2017 7:26 pm     FD dispatched to the corner of DEFOREST AVENUE and MAPLE STREET for a very strong odor of natural gas in the area.  On arrival FD confirmed ongoing gas work in the area and a vent pipe present in the intersection.  FD checked all catch basins, manholes and valve boxes, where a low level of gas detected in a single catch basin.  FD requested PSEG to the scene and FD took periodic readings while waiting PSEG arrival.  While awaiting the arrival of PSEG, FD detected hissing noise in the area of a parked car adjacent to the catch basin.  FD found gas under pressure coming from a hole in blacktop.

FD requested an expedited response from PSEG. The vehicle owner arrived and was advised to stay away from car.  A 300-foot safe area established around leak.

The PD shutdown the cross streets with barricades.  Surrounding buildings checked and those within the evacuation zone were evacuated. PSEG arrived and requested street crew to scene. Area was cordoned off until PSEG was able to secure leak.  Once area declared safe by PSEG, streets were opened and people were allowed back in the stores. PSEG worked throughout the night to repair the leak.

12/24/2017 3:45 am      FD dispatched to a SPRINGFIELD AVENUE residence for a medical assist call. FD assisted Summit squad with packaging patient for transport to hospital.

12/25/2017 2:25 am     FD dispatched to a MORRIS AVENUE commercial structure in SPRINGFIELD for a reported structure fire.  On arrival Summit units conducted salvage and overhaul operations. Summit also assisted crews with fire suppression as directed by incident commander. A signal 10 recall of off duty personnel was transmitted for station coverage in Summit while units operated in Springfield.

12/25/2017 11:17 am     FD dispatched to a BALTUSROL ROAD residence for a report of dog trapped under the deck.  On arrival and investigation FD found dog under a ground level deck unable to get out.  FD removed some deck boards and was able to remove dog.

12/25/2017 12:19 pm     FD dispatched to the area of 146 MORRIS AVENUE for a report of a tree down with a power outage in the area.  On arrival, investigation found that a tree had fallen in the parking lot of a civic club causing a power outage in the area. JCP&L notified for repairs.

12/26/2107 9:24 am     FD dispatched to PLAINFIELD for station coverage.  A modified signal 10 recall of off duty personnel transmitted to provide station coverage in Summit while units were covering in Plainfield.

12/27/2017 02:25 am     FD dispatched to WOODFIELD DRIVE in Millburn for a report of a structure fire, on a request for automatic aid. On arrival Millburn Incident command requested the Summit personnel to establish a backup line to the basement fire. A signal 10 was transmitted for station coverage in Summit.  Summit personnel assisted the Millburn Fire Department until released by the incident commander.

12/27/2017 9:11 am      FD dispatched to a WALDRON AVENUE residence for a residential fire alarm. On arrival, FD found an odor of smoke in the basement. The occupants reported smoke coming from the drier. FD disconnected the drier and removed it from the residence. Further investigation found there had been a fire inside the drier. The homeowner was advised of findings. The homeowner was advised to replace the drier and have the drier duct cleaned. FD personnel assisted the occupant resetting the fire alarm.

12/28/2017 4:28 pm      FD dispatched to a vehicle fire near the intersection of SUMMIT AVENUE and DEFOREST AVENUE.  On arrival, FD found a passenger car with fire showing from the engine compartment in a parking space on Summit Ave.   PD closed Summit Ave for the operation. FD used a 1 3/4 inch hand line to extinguish the fire.  FD forced open the hood of the car to assist in extinguishment. The passenger compartment was opened and no extension found.  Salt was applied to wet areas due to the low temperatures. DPW notified to respond to slat road.  A recall was transmitted for station coverage.  FD remained on scene until the vehicle was removed. FD turned scene over to PD to await the DPW.

12/28/2017 11:38 pm     FD dispatched into BERKELEY HEIGHTS, as a mutual aid engine to the scene of a building fire. A modified signal ten was transmitted for station coverage. On arrival Summit FD was assigned as the Firefighter Rescue Team.  FD personnel remained on scene until released by the Incident Commander.

12/29/2017 4:48 pm     FD dispatched to a KENT PLAVE BLVD. residence to a central station alarm for CO.  In route dispatch updated information noting a problem with the fireplace flue.  On arrival a smoke condition was found on first floor and a small fire was burning in the fireplace.  On further investigation FD found that the flue door was broken.  FD extinguished the fire and all logs/ashes removed from the premises, to be wet down. The house was fully ventilated to remove smoke and metered for CO.  Ventilation was shut down once CO was not detected.  FD assisted the home owner with re-setting the alarm.

12/29/2017 7:49 pm     FD dispatched to ROUTE 78 WEST mile marker 45.3 for a vehicle off the roadway. While in route dispatch updated that the driver was unconscious in the vehicle. On arrival Summit EMS, Springfield FD, and State Police were on-scene. The patient already removed from the vehicle and was receiving aid. Summit units initiated a lane safety block and stood by. Summit EMS transported the driver. Berkeley Heights EMS treated a civilian who assisted with patient removal prior to arrival. After the vehicle's removal and EMS left the scene and command was terminated.   

12/30/17 12:57 am      FD dispatched to ROUTE 78 EAST BOUND to a reported MVA with rollover near mile marker 46.  On arrival State Police, BH Police, Summit EMS, and Springfield FD were already on scene; patient was out of the vehicle and being treated.  Summit FD units put up a safety block in the right lane/shoulder and stood by.  Upon EMS leaving the scene, State Police released Summit FD.

12/30/2017 11:52 am     FD dispatched to ROUTE 24 EAST BOUND for a report of a motor vehicle with fire underneath the vehicle. On arrival FD found a vehicle on the right hand shoulder with Springfield FD on scene. Springfield FD determined it was an oil leak from the engine and there was no fire. Summit personnel spread absorbent on the oil that leaked on highway. NJSP called for a tow and released Summit and Springfield FD.

12/31/2017 5:15 am     FD dispatched to a SUMMIT AVENUE apartment complex on a report of a dumpster fire that extended into the structure. On arrival FD found fire on all three floors with two victims on the ground that had jumped from a second story window with multiple other victims at windows awaiting rescue.  A signal 11 was transmitted and a third alarm was requested to the scene.  Fire personnel were directed to setup ground ladders to perform rescues of the two victims found in the windows. A hose line stretched to the front door in an attempt to control the fire and support rescue operations. Millburn Engine 5-2 arrived and assisted with setting up ladders for rescue and secured the gas mains in the basement. Millburn Tower 5-2 was also requested to respond.  Unit 2 arrived and assumed command and transmitted a fourth and fifth alarm. All visible victims were rescued by firefighters. Firefighters attempted to search upper floors but could not gain access due to fire conditions. Exterior operations were set up by arriving mutual aid companies. Summit EMS was on scene treating victims and assisting in firefighter rehab.  Unit 1 arrived and assumed command.  Summit PD was on scene assisting with traffic and crowd control.  All Fire companies operated throughout the morning to extinguish fire.  FD worked successfully with the building superintendent to locate all occupants. A shelter was set up for fire victims with the assistance of a local business and Red Cross.  County Cause and Origin unit performed a fire investigation.  Command was terminated once fire was extinguished and overhaul completed. The building was released to the management company and all units left the scene.