01/01/2018 9:26 am     FD dispatched to a motor vehicle accident, car vs. pole in front of 196 GLENSIDE AVENUE.  On arrival occupant was out of the vehicle.  Summit EMS assumed patient contact. FD made notification to the power company to make repairs.  Summit PD remained on scene for traffic control and road closure until repairs were made.

01/02/2018 7:36 pm     FD dispatched to a LENOX ROAD residence for an inside odor of natural gas. On arrival the residence was metered and readings of .25% were found throughout the basement. FD personnel traced the leak to the sewer pipe in the basement. Readings of 5% were found in the sewer pit.  PSEG was requested and responded to the scene. PSEG would not allow the residence back into their house until the source of the leak could be located. The residents relocated to alternate housing for the night. FD was released by PSEG.

01/03/2018 8:03 am     FD dispatched to the intersection of SUMMIT AVENUE and ROUTE 124 for a MVA with injuries. On arrival found a two car MVA with PD and tow operator on scene.  Each vehicle contained a single occupant who had already exited their vehicles.  One driver refused medical care, the other driver complained of neck pain, and was assessed by SFD.  Upon Summit Squad arrival care was turned over to EMS.  FD remained on scene until patient transported.

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01/03/2018 12:01 pm     FD dispatched into MILLBURN for a reported structure fire.  MFD command arrived and confirmed smoke was from a malfunctioning piece of equipment outside the structure.  SFD units were cancelled prior to arrival at scene.

01/03/2018 12:26 pm     FD dispatched to ROUTE 24 EAST near mile maker 9 for an MVA with injuries. Millburn FD and Summit PD arrived on simultaneously. One injury was reported in a 2 car MVA. On arrival, SFD took a blocking position for Summit FAS and stood by as they packaged patient for transport. MFD was released by SFD IC.  SFD stood by until FAS transported patient.

01/03/2018 1:38 pm     FD dispatched to in front of 11 ASWOOD AVENUE for a MVA car vs. tree, with injuries. On arrival found a one car MVA, involving two occupants. The passenger was lying on the ground with a leg injury. SFD units provided first aid and spread speedy dry on the roadway. A mutual aid New Providence EMS unit took over patient care and transported. SFD stood by until the vehicle was removed.

01/03/2018 6:29 pm     FD dispatched to the intersection of MORRIS AVENUE and GLENSIDE AVENUE for a medical assist at a minor two car MVA. On arrival PD directed FD to the patient in the vehicle that was rear-ended.  FD provided an initial medical assessment and handed over patient care to Summit EMS upon their arrival on scene.  The SVFAS transported the patient to the ER.  

01/04/2018 1:50 am     FD dispatched to ROUTE 24 EAST mile marker 9 for a two car MVA with injuries.  On arrival FD found State PD, Summit PD, and Springfield Fire on scene.  Both occupants had previously been removed and were being treated by EMS.  Springfield fire secured batteries, spread speedy dry, and move large debris off the roadway. Both drivers were transported by Summit EMS.  Summit FD units stood by until DOT shut down all lanes and EMS departed the scene.  

01/04/2018  4:20 pm     FD was dispatched to a medical aid backup call at a LOCUST AVENUE apartment complex, dispatch advised it was a medical alert alarm. On arrival found the building super setoff the medical alert device attempting to help the resident ventilate the apartment due to smoke from cooking.  Summit EMS response was canceled. The apartment was ventilated naturally and no further FD action was required.  

01/05/2018 8:14 am     FD dispatched to an OAK RIDGE AVENUE residence for a reported water leak in the roadway. Investigation revealed water leaking along the curb into the roadway on Oak Ridge Ave. Notification was made to the water company to respond. There were no affected homes in the area.

01/06/2018 9:14 am     FD dispatched to the area in front of a MOUNTAIN AVENUE residence for a reported water leak in the street. On arrival FD found water coming up through the sidewalk with minor street flooding.  Argent plumbing arrived after receiving a call from the homeowner to check his boiler.   FD notified dispatch to contact NJ American water to address leak, and DPW to address expected icing conditions.  Checked with # 64 and #68 Mountain and homeowners had no issues with water.  As street icing developed PD shut down the street in the area.  DPW arrived and salted the roadway.  PD confirmed roadway would remain closed until water company shut off water.  Homeowner would work with NJ American and Argent to make repairs depending on where the leak originated.  

01/07/2018 11:11 pm     FD dispatched to a MORRIS AVENUE apartment complex for a reported water leak coming from a second floor apartment.  On FD observed heavy water flowing from the rear second story window of a vacant unit 53.  Gained entry to basement and shut down the main water feed for the buildings. FD forced entry through the 2nd floor dining room window of unit 53 and found a broken pipe in the walls between floors. There were no isolation valves for the unit found and FD secured electric to unit.  Property management checked the condo unit for damage and contacted owner of unit.  FD checked boilers with property representative to confirm boilers had water. The plumbing heating contractor for complex was contacted to respond to make repairs.  FD instructed the representatives to not turn on water or electric until qualified contractors for both had finished repairs as needed.

01/08/2018 12:40 am     FD dispatched to a PROSPECT HILL residence for a reported dishwasher and structure fire. On arrival FD found smoke showing from the first floor. The building was evacuated upon arrival. FD found smoke coming from the kitchen.  A hose line was stretched to the kitchen, with fire coming from the dishwasher and cabinets.  A signal 11 transmitted and mutual aid was requested for station coverage. The Millburn FD vented and New Providence FD was the RIC team. The fire was extinguished and building checked for CO.  Notification was made to Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad, PSE&G and JCP&L.  Thermal imaging camera used to check for extension beyond the cabinets with none found.  Heavy fire damage was noted in the interior of the Kitchen Island and utilities surrounding the dishwasher.  A Cause and Origin unit was requested to investigate fire. The power was secured to the kitchen area and the water supply was turned off.  Upon completion of the investigation, the dwelling was turned over to the owners and the fire alarm system was reset.

01/09/2018 8:00 am     FD dispatched to MOUNTAIN AVENUE for a MVA with airbag deployment and possible injuries. FD arrived with FAS. MVA was a minor 2 car MVA with 1 minor injury. FAS assumed patient care and FD applied absorbent to a fluid spill and assisted with packaging patient.

01/09/2018 12:14 pm     FD dispatched to ROUTE 78 WEST BOUND with Springfield and Millburn FDs for an MVA with injuries and possible explosion. Springfield FD arrived first and established command. Summit and Millburn FDs were cancelled by the IC upon arrival.

1/10/2018 10:00 am     FD dispatched to  175 Floral Ave NEW PROVIDENCE Fire Headquarters for a station standby. A Modified signal 10 was transmitted for station coverage.

1/10/2018 6:58 pm FD dispatched for a reported MVA on ROUTE 24 west in the area of MM 8.3.  The incident was found on ROUTE 124 WEST near the intersection with Timber Acers Rd.  FD found a single car MVA where the vehicle left the road and struck a tree.  Milburn FAS arrived and assumed patient care , Summit Fire units disabled the 12V electrical system and assessed for leaks. On the arrival of the Millburn FD command was transferred.

1/11/2018 4:51 pm FD dispatched to ROUTE 78 Westbound for a reported MVA with injuries.  ICV travelled from RT 24 to RT 78 at Diamond hill, turned around and traveled back to 24 with no findings.  E-2 and R1 travelled from 24 to exit 49a via RT 78 EB with no findings.  Millburn FD, Springfield FD, and State police also did not locate the accident.  

1/13/2018 20:44 pm FD dispatched into CHATHAM TOWNSHIP for mutual aid at a structure fire.  Summit personnel assisted at the fire scene as a Rapid Intervention Crew. See Chatham Township & Green Village Fire Department for additional information. A modified signal 10 of off duty personnel was requested to provide station coverage in Summit while units operated on scene.

1/15/2018 1:59 pm FD dispatched to a PRINCETON STREET residence for a report of something burning in the backyard.  On arrival FD found the homeowner burning grass and straw within a weber charcoal grill in the backyard. FD advised the homeowner that outside burning of yard waste was not permitted within the city and that waste had to be properly disposed.  FD extinguished the small fire using water from a garden hose, which was already on near the fire.