02/01/2018, 7:26 am - FD dispatched to Route 78 East Bound mile marker 47.2 for a reported motor vehicle accident with entrapment and injuries. On arrival both the Springfield and Summit Fire Departments set up for extrication. The vehicle was chocked to stabilize the vehicle. EMS performed patient care. A hose line was stretched for possible fire suppression by the Berkeley Heights FD. A signal ten was transmitted for station coverage in Summit. Medics requested that the patient be transported by North Star. Once patient was extricated and secured on backed board, the patient was turned over to EMS. The Berkeley Heights FD and State Police established a landing zone for the helicopter to transport the patient. Summit remained on location until released by the state police.

02/01/2018, 9:54 pm - FD dispatched to MORRIS AVENUE and RIVER ROAD  for report of a motor vehicle accident with injuries and a vehicle roll over. On arrival found a three car accident. Summit EMS was on scene and assumed care for the driver of the overturned vehicle. The driver had gotten out of car prior to FD arrival. FD assessed three patients from the second vehicle.  FD personnel stabilized the vehicles and applied absorbent to the fluids in the road. All vehicles were removed from the scene. FD was released by Summit PD.

02/2/2018, 1:58 pm - FD dispatched to DIVISION AVENUE and SUNSET DRIVE for a report of a wire down. On arrival found a cable television wire in the road. FD removed the wire to the side of the road and attached it to the base of the utility pole with caution tape. Notification was made to the cable company to make repairs.

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02/03/2018, 12:15 am- FD dispatched to a BALTUSROL ROAD residence on a medical response.  On arrival FD rendered aid until Summit Squad arrived for transport.

02/04/2018, 4:08 pm - FD dispatched to a  FAIRVIEW AVENUE residence for a reported activated CO alarm.  On arrival the homeowner informed FD that after the fire in the fireplace burnt out, the flue was closed and the alarm in the area activated.  Prior to arrival the flue was re-opened and multiple doors and windows were opened. FD metered all levels of the home and found zero CO readings and no smoke requiring ventilation.  One 9V battery in a 2nd floor smoke detector was replaced by FD members.

2/5/2018, 11:29 pm - FD dispatched to a KENT PLACE BLVD. residence for a report of an odor of electrical burning in the house.  On arrival, the resident stated that earlier they had detected an odor of wires burning in the kitchen. The residence was checked including the exterior and basement areas with no odor or cause found.

2/6/2018, 11:04 am - FD dispatched to a MAPLE STREET fitness facility for a fall victim.  FD arrived and began medical assessment/care and assisted squad with packaging patient upon squad arrival.

2/7/2018, 1:57 pm - FD dispatched to PLAINFIELD fire headquarters on a mutual aid request for station coverage. A signal 10 was requested in Summit for station coverage.    

2/8/2018, 07:03 am - FD dispatched to the area of 173 COLONIAL ROAD for a report of a possible water main break.  On arrival investigation found that the road was heaving and water was coming from the street.  NJAW notified for repairs. PD also notified. Adjacent houses checked for water leaks with none found.

2/9/2018, 1:30 pm - While performing an annual fire inspection on a SUMMIT AVENUE business FD found sleeping facilities in the back office area.  Cooking appliances also found. Safe homes contacted and responded to the scene. Corrective action required by business/building owner and incident document.

2/10/2018, 9:14 am - FD dispatched to BROAD STREET and MIDDLE AVENUE  for a motor vehicle accident with air bag deployment.  Summit EMS and PE were on scene. FD stabilized the vehicles and safety blocking using fire apparatus.  Summit EMS handled all patient care and transport. FD applied absorbent material to the roadway for the fluid spill.

2/11/2018, 9:14 am, FD dispatched to ROUTE 24 EAST for a report of a vehicle off the roadway.

On arrival found a vehicle off the road into woods with both occupants standing alongside the guard rail.  Investigation found that vehicle left the road, struck a large sign pole shearing it off at the base. Summit FAS arrived and accessed the occupants of the vehicle who both refused care.  NJDOT was notified to secure the sign and FD stood by until vehicle was removed.

2/12/2018, 10:28 am - FD dispatched to a BLACKBURN ROAD residence for a report of an outdoor odor of smoke.  Upon arrival FD found that the homeowner, responding to smoke detector activation, found a box burning in the homes front foyer and threw the box outside the front door onto a pile of construction debris from ongoing roof work.   Additional units requested to the scene to assist. FD used a Thermal Imagining Camera to check for hot spots and opened up the wall around the point of origin, near an electrical outlet. The circuit was tripped, and upon opening up the wall no extension was found.  A signal 10 for station coverage was requested along with a Fire Investigator. The debris pile was wet down, and the contractors moved the pile away from the house. The homeowner’s electrician arrived and spoke to command confirming he would conduct a complete inspection of the circuit and make repairs.  Investigation was completed.

2/13/2018, 11:12 pm - FD dispatched to a STILES ROAD residence for a reported CO alarm activation. All units responded and on arrival and investigation found no CO reading with meters.  FD checked detector and advised occupant to replace the detector.

2/14/2018, 1:25 pm - FD dispatched to ROUTE 78 EAST  mile marker 47 for a reported vehicle fire.  On arrival found a flatbed tow truck with the car being towed on fire and fire extending to the flat bed tow truck and the car on the flat bed.   NJSP on scene providing traffic support. Summit FD stretched hand lines to extinguish vehicle fire. Berkley Heights FD arrived and established a work zone.  Springfield Fire was cancelled. A signal 10 was transmitted for station coverage while units operated on scene. All visible fire was extinguished. The vehicles were overhauled,  Engine 2 remained on scene until the on-duty tow company C&L towing removed the vehicles from the roadway.

2/15/2018 , 7:38 pm - FD dispatched to the intersection of SPRINGFIELD AVENUE and GEORGE STREET for a reported flammable liquid spill.  On arrival Summit Police on the scene, FD found a small gasoline spill from a car that had left the scene. FD applied absorbent material to the small spill.