8/17/2018 11:25 am - FD dispatched to a DEBARY ROAD multi -family on a verbal report of a wire arcing in a tree behind the house  On arrival FD found rear service cables were missing spacers between 2 poles and the wires were touching. FD did not see any arcing or sparks. JCP&L was notified to respond and correct the problem.

8/18/2018 3:45 pm - FD dispatched to MOUNTAINSIDE FIRE HEADQUARTERS for mutual aid cover assignment.  Summit FD provided mutual aid until released by the incident commander. Recall of personnel was done for provide station coverage in Summit.

8/20/2018 1:14 pm - FD dispatched to an ORCARD STREET residence for a reported structure fire. Millburn responded automatic aid. On arrival, smoke observed at the left front corner of the premises.  Investigation found a smoldering fire in the clothes dryer, that the occupants had used a fire extinguisher on prior to FD arrival. A recall of off duty personnel transmitted for station coverage. Fire was extinguished with a pressurized water extinguisher. Investigation found no extension beyond the dryer, and a primary search found the premises unoccupied. Ventilation performed via an electric fan. The dryer was removed and the vent piping was found to be completely blocked with an extreme lint condition at the elbow to the exterior.

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8/21/2018 2:58 pm - FD dispatched to a BANK STREET office building for a reported odor of smoke in the basement area. The smoke was traced back to a malfunctioning HVAC unit on the roof of the building. The power to the HVAC unit was turned off by fire personnel. Ventilation was set up using electric fans to remove the smoke from the building. A signal 10 of off-duty personnel was transmitted to provide station coverage while units operated on scene. The building owner was advised to contact a service professional to make repairs to the HVAC unit.

8/25/2018 6:00 pm  - FD dispatched to ROUTE 78 EASTBOUND #MM 50.4  for a reported motor vehicle accident on Route 78 near exit 49A, at the request of Springfield FD.  Summit units were first to arrive and found a 2 car accident with 2 people complaining of injuries. Vehicles were located on the exit ramp, and the left and center lanes. A safe area was created by vehicle placement, and patient care was started on the occupants of one vehicle. Springfield Fire and EMS arrived and provided care for the 4 occupants of the other vehicle. Millburn units were canceled. Access was needed to be created for the backseat occupants due to vehicle damage. A Signal 10 was transmitted for station coverage. Both occupants were removed and turned over to Springfield EMS. Summit units remained on scene providing a safety block until vehicles were removed from the lanes of travel and into the right shoulder

8/27/2018 4:27 pm - FD dispatched to ROUTE 78 EASTBOUND to a three car MVA with injuries at MM 44.  Upon arrival Springfield and BH fire were on-scene. BH IC requested SFD to manage speedy-dry, batteries, and stand-by for fire protection.  Two patients were transported by Summit and BH EMS. BH IC released SFD and terminated command.

9/2/2018 9:59 am - FD dispatched to a BEAUVOIR AVENUE medical center for a ruptured steam pipe on the 6th floor. Fire personnel assisted Overlook Engineering with stopping the water and isolating the leak. The 2 smoke detector zones affected by the steam were disabled by engineering until they can be replaced. The fire alarm was reset.

9/3/2018 3:03 pm - FD dispatched to the area of UNON PLACE and MAPLE STREET for a report of a smoldering tree well.  On arrival investigation found a tree well smoldering IFO 47 Maple St. FD wet down the area and investigation found no cause and area was overhauled.  

9/5/2018 9:11 pm - FD dispatched to a BANK STREET office building for a reported water condition, due to a sprinkler pipe.  On arrival found a leak from the main sprinkler feed to the building, located before the OS&Y valves. A temporary flange was already in place, but not able to shut off the leak.  The building owner was on location and indicated the sprinkler contractor was going to be on location at 0800 the next morning. FD personnel tightened the patch already in place, and greatly reduced the water flow.  Items around the leak were relocated for better access to allow containers to be placed under the leak to catch the water. The property was turned over to the building owner.

9/7/2018 4:36 pm - FD dispatched to the area of 529 MORRIS AVENUE for a report of fluids in roadway due to a motor vehicle accident. On arrival Summit PD on scene with a small coolant spill, absorbent material applied to the spill.

9/9/2018 7:24 am - FD dispatched to the area near 180 RIVER ROAD to a reported car fire.  While in route, dispatch updated that this was a one car MVA with no fire and one injury.  On arrival the patient was in an Atlantic EMS Ambulance and Summit and Millburn PD were on scene.    SFD stood by until released by Millburn PD and had no patient contact. Command was terminated.

9/10/2018 9:55 am - FD dispatched to the intersection of MORRIS and SUMMIT for a motor vehicle accident with a report of injuries. On arrival found a two car motor vehicle accident with one injury. Summit EMS handled patient care. FD personnel secured the batteries to both vehicles and setup a safety block with the apparatus. FD personnel remained on location until both vehicles were removed from the scene.

9/12/2018 1:02 pm - FD dispatched to ROUTE. 124 and HOBART AVENUE for a reported car fire. On arrival light smoke was observed coming from the dashboard and the occupants were out of the car.  FD members opened up the interior front and center dashboard and found smoldering. A modified signal 10 was transmitted. A trash line was used to extinguish the fire on both sides of the firewall.  The source and location of ignition could not be identified on-scene. Millburn was released prior to arrival. The vehicle was towed and command was terminated.

9/15/2018 8:29 am -FD dispatched on a cover assignment to SPRINGFIELD FIRE HEADQUARTERS . A Modified Signal 10 for station coverage was requested. Summit engine remained in Springfield until released by mutual aid.