2/19/2019 8:50 PM -- FD responded to KAREN WAY for a report of smoke in a structure caused by a malfunctioning fireplace.  Millburn FD responded automatic aid.  Upon arrival smoke was showing on all three floors; however no fire was visible.  The flue to the fireplace was open and pulling a draft, synthetic fireplace logs were removed and soaked with water outside.  The chimney pipe was checked for fire extension, and the entire house ventilated.  A new smoke detector was installed in the room of origin. 

2/21/19 4:17 PM: FD -- Dispatched to ROUTE 78 eastbound for a report of a car fire.  We arrived on scene to find a fully involved car fire and Berkeley Heights FD on scene with one line stretched. Command asked for a water supply and forcible entry team.  A modified signal 10 was transmitted for 3 firefighters to cover fire headquarters. A water supply to the Berkeley Heights Engine was established. Summit personnel forced the hood to gain access and assisted with hose-line operations. Once extinguishment and overhaul was complete units picked up.

3/18/19 11:28 AM: -- FD responded to SHUNPIKE ROAD in Chatham, on a request for mutual aid for a reported building fire. On arrival the incident commander assigned the Summit Fire Department to the position of the Rapid Intervention Crew team. The Summit Fire Department remained on location as the RIC team until released by the incident commander.

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3/23/19 10:41 PM -- FD responded to FAY PLACE fora reported brush fire with exposure to a house. Millburn responded as automatic aid. Upon arrival FD found a 10x40 foot area of burned lawn. The fire was extinguished and overhauled with 1 inch pre-connected hose line and tank water. The fire was found to have been caused by an electrical arc coming from a damaged outside lighting fixture.  An electrical breaker switch in the basement was found tripped, but not properly marked as to what the circuit powered. Power was verified as being off, and the exterior lighting units were disconnected at an outside junction box. The entire area was checked with a thermal camera, with no hot spots found.  FD action was described to home owner, and they were advised to have an electrician make repairs before resetting the breaker. 

4/2/19 6:49 PM -- FD responded to SPRINGFEILD AVE for a fire alarm. Investigation revealed a light smoke condition in the back of the eating establishment. Further investigation revealed an extinguished fire in a bathroom fan located in the drop ceiling. On scene workers had used a fire extinguisher on the fan to extinguish the fire prior to FD arrival. The ceiling of the affected area was inspected and overhauled by fire personnel. The fire was confined to the object of origin. Ventilation fans were set up to remove the smoke from the building and the alarm system was reset. The electrical power to the bathroom was turned off by fire personnel and the business owner was advised to contact a service professional to make repairs.

4/4/19 10:14 PM -- FD Responded automatic aid for a reported fire at WYOMING AVE, SHORT HILLS. Prior to arrival on scene Engine 2 was re-directed to cover Millburn Fire Headquarters.  Incident Command continued to the scene to assist with command functions, then was later re-directed to Millburn Fire Headquarters due to lack of recall personnel.  Units remained on scene until relieved by command. 

4/20/19 3:24 PM -- FD Responded to DORCHESTER ROAD on a report of an activated residential fire alarm. On arrival command was established with nothing showing from the exterior. The fire department was informed of a smoke condition in the basement and one reported occupant inside the structure in a second floor bed room. The occupant was located and removed from the second floor bed room. The source of the smoke was found to be coming from a basement dehumidifier system. A small fire located in the dehumidifier was extinguished and the dehumidifier was removed from the basement to the exterior. The area was checked for extension with none found. Ventilation was set up to remove the smoke from the structure. The fire alarm system was reset. The owner’s relative was given after fire information and informed of the fire department actions.

5/15/19 8:23 AM -- FD responded to ROUTE 78 Eastbound for a reported motor vehicle fire. Automatic aid was sent from Springfield and Berkley Heights. Summit Incident Command arrived and established command, single passenger vehicle. Berkley Heights Engine arrived first and stretched a 1 3/4" attack line. Summit Engine and Rescue established a safety block and assisted Berkley Heights with extinguishment and overhaul. Springfield was cancelled and a modified signal 10 was transmitted for City coverage. Once tow truck removed the vehicle, FD units were released by the State Police.

5/20/19 1:20PM:     FD dispatched for a reported car fire at MAPLE STREET. Units arrived on scene to find heavy smoke coming from the area of the engine compartment. While performing size-up, fire was noted by the driver's side front tire and passenger's side hood and tire. Engine 4 Rider stretched a hose line to extinguish the fire. Since Engine 2 was delayed due to another call, the IC forced the hood of the vehicle to aid the E4 Rider in extinguishing the fire. Once the fire was extinguished and overhaul completed, the PD notified the tow company. Engine 2 personnel arrived and checked the interior of Wells Fargo Bank with a meter due to odor complaints. The bank was clear, vehicle was removed and command was terminated.

5/21/19 5:18 PM -- FD dispatched to CALDWELL AVE, SPRINGFEILD TWP on a Union County Mutual Aid assignment for a structure fire. On arrival Summit Fire units were assigned to be a Rapid Intervention Crew team. Summit units remained on the scene until released by the Springfield FD OIC