1/2/2019 4:47 PM -- FD responded to PASSIAC AVENUE residence for a stove burner that would not shut off.  Upon arrival met with homeowner and determined that the left front stove burner valve stem was bent and could not be shut off with either the valve handle or pliers.  FD secured the stove gas supply via the supply valve. Confirmed the valve was holding in the closed position and there was no gas leakage. Homeowner advised to have repairs made by an authorized service vendor.  

1/3/2019  1:01 PM -- FD  responded to a  GLENSIDE AVENUE single family  with an auto aid engine from Millburn FD for a report of heavy smoke coming from the chimney and roof area. On arrival there was heavy smoke coming from the chimney.  An investigation found a malfunctioning oil burner in the basement with an oil leak. FD secured the oil and power to the boiler. FD vented to remove the smoke from the basement.  Millburn FD was canceled. FD personnel checked the area for extension with the thermal imaging camera and none was found. FD remained on scene until the homeowner boiler contractor arrived to make repairs.

1/3/2019 1:52 PM -- FD responded to a BEAUVOIR AVENUE medical office for a reported elevator entrapment in Car # 1 on the 4th floor. On arrival engineering had shut off power and partially opened the shaft and car doors.  FD fully opened shaft doors, and occupant were evacuated using a step ladder. The shaft and car doors were closed, and the car left out of service with repairs ordered.

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1/4/2019 1:15 PM -- FD responded to a MAPLE STREET office building at the request of the Summit Police for report of a broken window on the 4th floor.  Using the ladder truck, fire personnel secured a broken exterior window on the top floor of the building.  Summit Police provided barricades and caution tape to deter people away from the immediate area until repairs were made.

1/9/2019 9:23 AM -- FD responded to ROUTE 24 SERVICE ROAD and HOBART AVENUE on a report of a two car motor vehicle accident.  On arrival FD found a two car motor vehicle accident. Summit Police were on location along with the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad. The first aid squad established patient care. Both vehicles were secured by the fire department. Absorbent applied to fluids in the road. The fire department remained on location maintaining a safety block until the patients were transported and the vehicles were removed from the roadway.

1/10/2019 6:29 AM -- FD responded to a SPRINGFIELD AVENUE business for a report from the Summit Police of a water condition inside the store.  On arrival an exterior observation found water was coming thru the ceiling from the offices above the store. Entry was gained to 2nd floor common area using a Knox Box key and FD found that water was flooding the second floor hallway, the source of the water was found to be coming from a steam radiator in the hall.  FD secured water to building and checked balance of building for water damage. Building super notified and responded and notified cleanup crews to respond. Board of Health notified to inspect restaurant that had some minor water damage. FD remained on scene to assist with some water removal.

1/14/2019 4:33 PM -- FD responded to ROUTE 78 WESTBOUND MM 48 for a two car MVA with injuries.  SFD arrived with two units from Springfield EMS followed by Springfield fire.  SFD placed a protective block at scene, secured battery power for one of the vehicles involved and stood by to assist Springfield EMS with patients in the vehicle.  Springfield Fire Command released SFD units as incident was in Springfield.

1/16/2019 6:28 PM -- FD dispatched on Union County Mutual Aid request for a Truck company to respond to Hillside Fire Department Station 2 for a cover assignment   A modified signal 10 was transmitted for addition personnel for station coverage.

1/17/2019 8:22 AM -- FD Responded to the area SUMMIT AVENUE and SPRINGFIELD AVENUE on a report of smoke in the area. The source for the smoke was found coming from 1 Euclid Avenue.  FD investigated and found an extinguished fire in a roofing tar kettle. The kettle was to be removed from the property once the kettle cooled off.

1/18/ 2019 7:18 AM -- FD Dispatched to the intersection of BROAD STREET and HUNTLEY ROAD for a report of a MVA with air bag deployment   On arrival Summit Police on the scene of a 2 car MVA. The FD secured both vehicles. They then attended to the operator of one of the vehicles who was complaining of  pain in their chest. Summit FAS arrived and care was transferred to squad. FD remained on scene until vehicles were removed.

1/20/2019 11:06 PM -- FD dispatched to SPRINGFIELD AVENUE for a reported motor vehicle accident with a vehicle off the roadway. On arrival found a vehicle accident with the vehicle off the roadway. There were no complaints of injuries and no occupants wanted to be checked out by the ambulance. FD personnel secured the vehicle. There were two, approximately ten foot long sections of fence damaged at the address by the vehicle involved. Summit FD was released by Summit PD.

1/28/2019 10:22 AM -- FD dispatched to LAUREL AVENUE for an outside odor of natural gas. On arrival members investigated a recent service repair and detected readings of 20% from previous core drillings in the roadway.  PSEG was requested to respond. Upon arrival of PSEG on location and advised this is an ongoing issue they were aware of. PSEG was going to remain on location and released the FD.

1/29/2019 10:26 AM -- FD dispatched by Union county Mutual Aid for 1 engine company to a SPRINGFIELD AVENUE residence in NEW PROVIDENCE for a report of a structure fire. On arrival in New Providence, Summit fire units were assigned to ventilate the structure and provide work force. After tasks were completed Summit units were relocated to New Providence Fire Headquarters to cover headquarters.  A modified signal 10 and 11 were transmitted for station coverage.

1/31/2019  6:00 PM -- FD responded to a WEST END AVENUE residence for a reported structure fire with an automatic aid engine from Millburn  On arrival found a fire contained to metal bucket in the front window. FD personnel gained entry to the residence and found coffee beans burning in a metal container on the front window sill. FD personnel removed the container and extinguished the fire outside. Millburn FD was canceled. FD personnel checked the area for extension with the thermal imaging camera and none was found. FD personnel found a light smoke condition in house and natural ventilation was used to clear the smoke. The resident returned home and was advised of our action.