Students and their parents gathered in the Franklin School Library to participate in several fun tech projects at Family Technology Night.  Parents got to experience some activities that teachers may assign their students to do. Ms. Stochaj and Mrs. Rego (the hosts of this event) used Google Classroom to assign the students some challenges to do with their parents. “I think this event is important to Franklin School because it lets the parents see what the kids know,” said Loreli Stochaj.  

The first challenge was to go on a factual website called World Book. The students had to work with their parents to answer questions about famous inventors from the past.

The second challenge was for students and their parents to go to Scratch, a website which allows students to program their very own interactive stories. “It was so much fun to write the code that made our cartoon dog run across the finish line” exclaimed Ajay Shroff a parent of one of the students at Franklin School.  

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Next, the parent-child teams helped create part of a story. Each Student and their parent would be able add a few sentences to the story. “It was crazy how the story started off with a kid waking up to be 2 inches tall, and ended with LeBron James playing a basketball game with aliens,” cheered Dahlia Micone.

After that, students and their parents got to watch a video learning how to be a super digital citizen. Once they watched the video, they had to answer the questions, “What are some examples of times when you’ve been a good digital citizen? Are there any ways you could be an even better Super Digital Citizen?” The video reminded students and their parents to be careful what they post and write online.

Finally, the bonus activity. This last activity is a special treat for both the parents and their kids. This machine is beginning to be a big part of technology today. Virtual Reality! The students and their parents got to go on a spectacular rollercoaster ride, right inside the Franklin School library!

“The event was a fantastic opportunity to learn first-hand about the types of amazing tech activities kids get to do in school,” shared Ajay Shroff.  

Thank you to the Summit Educational Foundation for sponsoring this wonderful event.

Callie S. is a Fourth Grader at Franklin Elementary School.