SPRINGFIELD, NJ—Bob Faszczewski, a journalist with four decades of experience in writing and reporting on public affairs and government, particularly in Suburbia, is offering his services as a freelance writer and editor to government entities, businesses, non-profit organizations and budding authors.

Faszczewski spent nearly 40 years as a writer, editor and reporter for community print and online media throughout Union, Somerset, Morris and Essex Counties, New Jersey—most recently for TapInto.Net. He also has been a freelance editor of a self-published work on Robert’s Rules of Order and has written about public affairs, personnel sketches and corporate news in the real estate and accounting sectors for some of the most highly regarded public relations organizations in northern and central New Jersey.

For further information, contact him at writersgate48@verizon.net or, via mobile—862-754-4991.  

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Blogs by Bob Faszczewski can be found at scribeslegup.wordpress.com

Background and some recent blogs by Faszczewski can be found at webwriterbf.webs.com/.