Addressing Earth’s climate is at heart a moral issue. Those people and nations most responsible for causing climate change are wealthy and able to adapt or cope with the effects, and those most vulnerable, who are suffering hugely, have done little to create the problem, and lack resources to solve it. It is a moral issue on a local and a global scale, and cooperation across economic and geographic lines is required to address it effectively.

GreenFaith is an international, multi-faith environmental organization based in Highland Park, New Jersey. On Sunday, Oct 20, two environmental leaders from GreenFaith will be speaking at houses of worship in Summit. All are invited to attend these worship services and the discussions that will follow. Reverend Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith, will preach at the 9:30 AM service at Christ Church, 561 Springfield Avenue in Summit. Saarah Latif, GreenFaith Fellow, will speak at Green Vespers at 5 PM at Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 4 Waldron Avenue in Summit.

Summit is fortunate to have these faith-based environmental leaders spark discussion of climate change in our community.

Marian Glenn, Summit