SUMMIT, NJ - Ever body likes a show-off. Especially the youngsters that were part of one of Summit’s seminal Fourth of July celebration event -- The Decorated Bicycle Parade, , a patriotic pedaling procession that was held at Memorial Field at following the traditional flag-raising ceremony.

A peloton consisting of more than 100 children took part, giving Hilltop City Mayor Nora Radest and members of Common Council myriad qualified riders from which to pick a winner.

The winning cyclists included:

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1. Thomas Hillas

2. Ananna Acharia and Jasmine Bhasker (tie)

3. Henry Charlie and John Hubsohmann (tie)

Ages five to seven

1. Liza Kimel

2. Sunny Manero

3. Avery Dailey

Ages eight to 10

1 .Charlotte O’Shea

2. Ben O’Brien

3. Morgan Cavanaugh