SUMMIT, NJ - Before the Summit High School Class of 2019 -- a group that has dazzled academically, in the arena of sport, in the forensics forum, and the within the pantheon of performing arts -- could get to 'Project Graduation', they first had to navigate Project Precipitation, the drizzles and downpours that Mother Nature decided to descend on the Hilltop City for the better part of a week's time.

Deterred not, the Commencement Ceremony did, in fact commence, moved -- as it was the night prior for the middle schoolers -- indoors and held in the Summit High School Auditorium, which for the second straight night was jam-packed.

Protected from the elements, the Class of 2019 strode into the Auditorium to a stirring rendition of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance, played with both dignity and vigor by the Summit High School Wind Ensemble under the direction of Steven Rapp.

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The students were led into the room by Honorary Marshals retiring Karen Manista, Barbara Vierschilling and John Shipley, each of who is retiring this year.

Student Body President Brian Kaelin welcomed the audience and led the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced the second stellar musical performance of the evening, as Daniel King conducted the Senior Chamber Members who sang a robust rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

A formal welcome was then offered by Student Council President Jane DiSibio who introduced Assistant Principal Lorena Dolan who, herself, introduced the 'Voice of the Class' Julia Kuzniar.

In an, at times. equally poignant, profound and humorous address, Kuzniar spoke of the spirit of togetherness and collaboration that both carried the Class of 2019 through up and downs and ultimately lifted it to soaring heights.

Student Council Secretary Isabella Cusumano thanked the community and other supporters for the myriad of scholarship awards available and granted to the Class, and Student Council Treasurer Micaela Nardino presented the class gift, a bench that will honor Mary Pat Colicchio, a Summit High School teacher who tragically passed away in 2018.

Remarks by Superintendent June Chang and Board of Education President Vanessa Primack, which echoed a theme of meeting change with change preceded the main event, as the 298 students -- that formed a Maroon and White armada in the center of the crowd -- each took their turn stepping onto the Auditorium stage for the final time and receiving their diploma.

2019 Scholarship Awards

Adele M. Lynch Nursing Scholarship - Kelly Collins and Jessica Natunen

Adrienne Reid Memorial Athletic Scholarship - Isabella Cusumano

Albert J. Bartholomew Scholarship - Shah Faizan Alam, James Rodriguez, Cheryl Liu and Gabriela Saumell

American Legion Lindsey Street Post #322 Elwood C. Cornog, Jr. American Character Award - Matthew Kohaut

Arthur H. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship - Dominic Yorio

Benn W. Herr Endowed Scholarship - Joshua Banks, Zanib Razzaq and Maxim Yurkov

Beverly Jeanne Welsh Scholarship - Sarah Flaherty, Greta Hartwyk and Jessica Natunen

Bill O’Connor “#39” Lacrosse Award - Gray Humphrey

C. Arthur Torell Memorial Scholarship - Maria Jose Arias and Isabella Cusumano

The Christ Child Society of Summit Scholarship - Danylo Mirin and Santiago Zapata-Gomez

Clara I. Wulff Memorial Award - Pieer Sanchez Zegarra

Cosmo and Helen De Simone Memorial Gift - Olivia McGough

Dawne Hausman Memorial Summit Soccer Club Scholarship - Claire Murdock and Kelsey Space

Ellis J. Walling Scholarship - Jose Herrera-Rojas

Emily Bensinger Memorial Prize in Business - Facundo Moreno

Eric James Sobel Memorial Scholarship in Band - Elizabeth Liss

Fortnightly Club Scholarship - Sarah Flaherty, Greta Hartwyk and Kathleen Monaghan

The Sherry Rawson Memorial Scholarship - Gabriela Saumell

Frank and Rose Dimuccio Memorial Scholarship - Maxim Yurkov

Frieda M. Crichfield Scholarship - Isabella Cusumano

Harry and Genevieve Kates Summit Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship - Maria Jose Arias

Howard S. Anderson Scholar Athlete Award - Lucy Adams, William Lusty, Anna Huntley-Robertson, Claire Murdock, Matthew Kohaut, Jackson Tyler, Ciara Lawlor and Harry Walsh

Immigrant Student Scholarship - Kellyn Amozoqueno, Monica Mazariego and Jacqueline Rojas

Jefferson School PTO Scholarship Award - Tessa Pulgar

Karl Keller Scouting Award - Rochelle Kaper

Katie Hadley Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship - Tyler Hadley

Lakeland Bank Scholarship - Sarah Flaherty

Lois Monti Jefferson School International Club Scholarship - Monica Mazariego and Zanib Razzaq

Mary Pat Colicchio Scholarship and Character Award - Jackelin Cabezas

McNany Charitable Foundation Memorial Scholarship Award - Dominic Yorio

National Hispanic Recognition Program - Daniella Alonso Fuster, Marcos Canavosio and Gabrielle Lau

National Merit Scholarship Finalists - Julia Kuzniar, William Lusty, Kelsey Lee, Alexander McDonald and Sabrina Li

National Merit $2,500 Special Scholarship - Kelsey Lee

National Merit Special Scholarship - William Stern

National Spiritualist Association of Churches Stow Family Memorial Foundation Scholarship - Lashanti Brown-Womack

Patrick C. Natale Award - Matthew Kohaut

PEP Program Scholarship - Dante Ardolino, Emily Kuehne, Joshua Banks, Jose Morales, Joshua Jimenez, Brian Peterson and Annie Kuehne

Pete Tierney Memorial Basketball Scholarship - Isabella Cusumano and Nicholas Loeloff

Pete Tierney Memorial Citizenship Scholarship - Matthew Kohaut

Picozzi Family Foundation Scholarship In Honor Of Gabriel James Picozzi - Samuel Malnati

Rotary Club of Summit and New Providence Scholarship Rotary Club Scholarship - Shah Faizan Alam, Lashanti Brown-Womack and Evan White

Wilbur Nelson Scholarship - Sarah Flaherty

Santiago Daniel Abut Memorial Scholarship - Maria Jose Arias

Sophia Kim and June Chang Global Heritage Scholarship - Zanib Razzaq

SPARC Scholarship In Memory Of Mary Snieckus - Maria Jose Arias, Kailey McGinn, Sarah Daniel, Greta Morgan, Briana Gilyard, Harry Saroff, Adrian Gomes and Mitchell Sink

SPARC Technical Theatre Scholarship In Memory Of Benjamin Robert Zukoff - Sophie Li

Suburban Chamber of Commerce Perry Root and William Stampes Memorial Award - Maria Jose Arias

Summit African American Action Association Scholarship S4A Scholarship - Safiyatou Abdur-Rahman

The Elzadie B. Smith S4A Scholarship - Lashanti Brown-Womack

Summit Area Public Foundation Award for Perseverance - Jackelin Cabezas John Hedges

Summit Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Scholarship -Maria Jose Arias Angela Li

Summit College Club Scholarship, Tilla Thomas Merit Scholarship - Jane DiSibio

Summit Education Association Frances Flesch Scholarship - Monica Mazariego Danylo Mirin

Summit F.A.S.T. A.C.T. Ken Kuebler Memorial Scholarship - Sophia Piron and Evan White

Summit First Aid Squad Alice Nichols Memorial Scholarship - Carson Britt, Kelly Collins and Malcolm Harrison

Summit Girls Fast Pitch Softball League Scholarship - Danielle DelRosso and Jessica Natunen

Summit High School Music Parents Association Scholarship - Abigail Brandt, Emily Kane, Nicole Lee, Megan Chang, Julia Kuzniar, Daniel Melka, John N. Clements, Sophie Li, Greta Morgan, Briana Gilyard, Elizabeth Liss, Mitchell Sink, Adrian gomes, Kelsey Lee and Filip Vizitiu

Summit High School Music Parents Association Carol Clyne Hassert Senior Scholarship - Briana Gilyard, Patrick Murray

Summit High School PTO Scholarship - Juliana Bergmann, Olivia McGough, Briana Gilyard, Danylo Mirin, John Hedges, Claire Murdock, Sophie Li and Julia Szynal

Summit Junior Baseball League Scholarship - Christopher Tarashuk

Summit Lions Foundation Leslie Allen-Scott Memorial Scholarship - Dante Ardolino

Summit Police Athletic League Scholarship - Jack Chasin, Matthew Kohaut, Danylo Mirin and Christopher Tarashuk

Thomas I. Glasser Memorial Scholarship Fund - Matthew Kohaut

Union County School Counselor Association "We Care" Award - Zane Trezza

Unión Hispana Scholarship - Maria Jose Arias

Washington School PTO Scholarship - Emily Kane

Wesley K. Burton Summit Civic Foundation Scholarship - Danylo Mirin

Wilson Allen Summit Civic Foundation Scholarship - Lashanti Brown-Womack and Mackenzie McClain