SOUTH PLAINFIELD - South Plainfield native Paul Fessock has partnered with HometoNest, a lifestyle brand that features the Vince Neil Collection, for the launch of his latest book, Heavy Metal Harry.  As the owner of World of Rock Music, member of the band AMP’D, and school teacher at Brayton Elementary School in Summit.

Fessock has used his talents as a musician and insights as an educator to write children’s books.  Heavy Metal Harry teaches about friendship, overcoming obstacles, resilience, and heavy metal music. The Heavy Metal Harry book and line of merchandise will be sold alongside the Vince Neil Collection.  Neil is best known as lead vocalist for heavy metal band Motley Crue.

“I know a few adults and many kids that I have taught who have this quality of being quiet and yet have an incredible talent,” Fessock said.  “Harry shows kids that it’s ok to be different and that there are many forms of communication.  Music reaches the masses and has no borders.” 

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Fessock’s book launched on December 17 on HometoNest, known as “A Marketplace on a Cloud,” online luxury shopping at affordable prices.  Fessock first connected with HometoNest months ago when he purchased a bracelet from the Vince Neil Collection on their website and posted an excited message on FaceBook about it.

“Brian Fox Krawczyk, the owner of HometoNest, called me to say thank you for my comment,” Fessock said.  “Once I found out he was from Jersey, that was it.  We started talking about the same places and that I teach in Summit.  I told him I write children’s books, and he asked me to send him a few copies.  I did and he loved the books.” 

Krawczyk is close friends with Vince Neil, lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Motley Crue, which Neil co-founded in 1981, and features the Vince Neil Collection in HometoNest.   Krawczyk was impressed by Fessock’s mission, which is very much in line with the mission of HometoNest.

“I personally believe we need to be nicer to each other in general and that’s what our mission is all about,” said HometoNest Owner, Brian Fox Krawczyk.  “For me to have direct access to the consumer, like I did with Paul, to be able to reach them and say, ‘Thank you, that was really kind of you,’ is key.”

Fessock, the creator of Heavy Metal Harry, also produces and hosts Mr. Socks’ World of Rock, a YouTube Channel that informs and inspires children, offering a fun filled, effective method of entertaining lessons in a fast-paced musical environment, promoting a fun and educational experience for the entire family.  Fessock's latest books, Johnny One Lipp and Major Rob, will also be available soon.  

“I feel very excited about the book launching and know it was meant to be!” said Fessock.  “Music has played an important role in my life, and I feel it’s my duty to get that message out!”  

Fessock grew up in South Plainfield and says he loves performing for his hometown. This year, Fessock performed with his band AMP’D at South Plainfield's Community Day, and for the past five years, AMP’D played before the South Plainfield Labor Day fireworks display. 

“Right before fireworks, it’s always packed and has a great vibe!” said Fessock.  “It’s a nice way to end the summer and get ready for school.”

Fessocks says he’s excited about the new venture with HometoNest, which features quality-made artisanal home and garden decor, skincare, fashion, jewelry, and accessories including the Vince Neil brand, and will now carry the Heavy Metal Harry book as well as t-shirts, pillows, blankets, mugs, and more with Harry’s likeness and message. HometoNest is owned in a partnership of chosen family between Steven and Brian Fox, Vince Neil and Rain Hannah, Cathy and Ed Schott, and Tommy and Stephanie Stanislawski.

“Paul’s commitment to children and the importance of music in life is what impressed me,” Krawczyk said.  “Heavy metal music is the most downloaded music in the world because the rhythm and the beat are tribal in nature.  There is something meditative about the beat.  Paul plays a lot of roles, as a father, husband, teacher, brother, son, and it’s amazing how he remains so committed to children and making a difference.”

“Kids should know the power of music and that it teaches many life lessons too," Fessock said.  "The lessons you learn through music are invaluable life lessons, such as team work, dedication, creativity, and the belief in yourself to play that song you don’t really know or to get that next gig.  Music is life!”

The Heavy Metal Harry line is available now at