SUMMIT, NJ - Fittingly, Patty LoMacchio and John Carney's first date had to be pushed back a couple of hours because John wanted to visit an older friend in the hospital who he worried had not had a visitor all day. Rather than being put off by the delayed date, Patty admired John's thoughtfulness, went along with him on the visit, and the rest -- as they say -- is history, as the pair are set to be married on May 17 in front of 120 of their closest friends.

The 66-year-old LoMacchio and Carney, 72, were introduced by one of her co-workers at SAGE Eldercare. LoMacchio has been a volunteer at SAGE for six years and her husband-to-be has been a caregiver for two decades.

"He's got a big, wonderful heart," said LoMacchio of her husband-to-be. "And he makes me laugh." While this will be Carney's first trip to the alter, he claims to have the butterflies in check as he laughs and says, "At my age I'm not as nervous as I probably should be."