Overlook Medical Center Emergency Department doctors, nurses and staff step outside to accept a 'virtual hug' from Summit's first responders.

The remote embrace was, in practice, the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad (SVFAS) leading a salute to the healthcare professionals at Overlook Medical Center and other area hospital staff as they battle the coronavirus. The SVFAS, along with first responders and essential service providers from Summit and nearby towns, gathered in the Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School parking lot and drove in formation to Overlook where -- while wearing masks and adhering to proper social distancing guidelines -- they exited their vehicles and offer the workers on the front lines a round of applause.

Speaking on behalf of his frontlines heroes, Overlook Medical Center president Alan Lieber said, "This pandemic has crystalized exactly why those of us at Overlook and throughout Atlantic Health System pursued the calling of health care – to help those who need it. We do it, not for thanks, but because we’re driven by a passion to care for people, and to make our communities healthier, better places to live. To see this outpouring of thanks from the community is humbling, to say the least. This is something that every team member at Overlook will take to heart as we continue the fight and care for each and every patient. Likewise, we want to share our thanks and appreciation for our first responders, who in many cases are the first line of care within our communities. Our hats off to our first responders! ”

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