FRANKFORD TOWNSHIP, NJ - “It’s an interesting conservational property,” said Bob Canace of the Ridge and Valley Conservancy, regarding a property on Pines Road.

The Ridge and Valley Conservancy (RVC) is a Blairstown, N.J. based not-for-profit group, committed to preserving natural areas in the Kittatinny and Ridge areas.

One of the first topics that was handled at the Frankford Township Committee meeting involved the open space committee, and the Ridge and Valley Conservancy. The group asked the committee to donate funds, so that they may buy the above property and open it up to the public for enjoyment. It would best be suited for hiking, birding and photography, said the Ridge and Valley Conservancy. No aggressive activities would be allowed, like hunting or motoring.

“There are some issues there that need to be taken care of,” expressed a concerned citizen.

Those specific concerns on Pines Road primarily include the septic system and nesting animals; it was mentioned that these issues are known, and being addressed.    

Pending review and certification, the open space committee and the Ridge and Valley Conservancy can stand to gain up to $30,000 for their endeavor. The group is also looking to preserve and utilize a property on Perry Road.

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Mayor Gary Larson said, “We look forward to working with you.”

Numerous discussions took place during the public portion of the meeting. The first raised concern involved the properties on Pines Road and Perry Road. Citizens suggested work should be done soon, rather than letter, since the Ridge and Valley Conservancy will be making improvements to the properties.

The biggest discussion of the evening was brought up by a citizen, who wanted answers about a recent scandal involving High Point Regional High School, the Board of Education, and a possible indiscretion between a school official and a student. The Frankford Township Committee stated that they have no knowledge of the event other than what has been mentioned in local newspapers, and that any questions should be brought up at the board of education meetings.

Regarding the board of education, and after being asked if the town should be aware of the circumstances, and be able to answer questions that townspeople have, Mayor Larson stated, “We have no jurisdiction over them.”

There were updates provided on several pending issues: 

  • Ross’s Corner will be added to the city’s sewer plan.The sewer plant in Branchville has been downsized and, will be moving closer to Rt. 206. The new sewer plant will be designed to ook like a barn, to fit into the area's environment.
  • The committee is moving forward with the stop sign at Broad Street.
  • The Frankford Township Fire Department will be coming on board to the township's insurance plan effective January 1, 2013.

Ordinance #2012-12 that regulates noise, “in order to more accurately reflect statewide noise control standards” was accepted for the first reading.

New business that was accepted included: a resolution requesting the approval of the Director of the Division of Local Government Services to hire a trust rider for snow removal, and the approval of special emergency resolution to meet a specific set of incurred or to be incurred expenses, the request and authorization for records disposal, and the approval of payment of bills.

This meeting included an Executive Session, which was held away from the public, which lasted approximately 25 minutes.  

The township committee meeting lasted about an hour and a half, with a 25-minute executive session. The next meeting will be held on October 2 at 7p.m.