FRANKFORD TOWNSHIP, NJ - The rainy Tuesday, October 2 Frankford Township committee meeting was abbreviated, lasting only a half an hour; it was a short meeting that needed to take place, as the committee does not meet again until the end of November.

 After the customary roll call and flag salute, the consent agenda was discussed. The consent agenda is considered routine, and is accomplished by one motion and no separate discussion is done; if a discussion is wanted on a specific item, it is removed from the consent agenda. Licenses/ Permits that were approved were ABC Special Permits for Peter’s Valley Craft Cente,r and for the Frankford Township Fire Department. Approval was also given for the “resolution authorizing the sale or other disposition of township personal property or surplus equipment no longer needed for public use.”The meeting was then opened to the public, of which there were five citizens who came ready to discuss some issues first brought up in prior week’s meetings.

The first resident to speak was Vick Fiore, who had two key points discuss. First, Fiore inquired to learn more about open space and the Ridge and Valley Conservancy. The group asked the committee to donate funds at the township's last meeting on September 19, so that they may buy the above property and open it up to the public for enjoyment. It would best be suited for hiking, birding and photography; nothing aggressive would be allowed like hunting or motoring, the group said.

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“Why don’t we open a part of it [the land] for hunting and fishing?” Fiore questioned.

He told the committee he believes it was stated that those activities would not be allowed at the land. The committee told him that they will be looking into it, so that they can find out exactly the parameters of what would or would not be allowed on the land.

Fiore’s final concern involved an issue raised at the previous committee meeting, where a recent scandal involving High Point High School, the Board of Education and a possible indiscretion between a school official and a student has apparently taken place.

 “I would say the point I’m trying to make is, if they could bury what’s happening at High Point High School, were there any charges brought up?” asked Fiore.

This topic was also previously brought up by a resident at the September 18 meeting.

After being reminded that the committee does not have any information on the incident that had been reported on in the local news, Attorney Glenn Kienz said, “We don’t want bad things happening in our school system that’s happening in schools and churches around the country.”

The committee mentioned that the police have reported that there is nothing to follow up on, and nothing criminal took place. The current argument going on up at the school board is over releasing the findings from reports.

Mayor Gary Larson told Fiore, “My only suggestion is to go to the next High Point school meeting and bring up your concerns there.”

The other discussion during the public portion involved a local couple who said noise ordinances are being broken by their neighbor and her dogs. They have come to the committee meetings before and discussed their neighbor, and have said that the dogs are still barking at all hours, that they want their neighbor charged, and wanted to know what their next steps should be (i.e. a 30 minute recording of the dogs barking, etc.). The couple was informed that their neighbor was given a letter telling her about her breaking of the ordinances.

 In reports, Larson said, “I only have one thing to mention; I’m looking forward to moving forward with the bids for the township garage.”

It was also mentioned that the committee received a letter from Richard Constable, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, regarding the town kennel/ shelter set-up. It was suggested that Kienz and Castimore should consult to take care of the dog and kennel situation, while legal issues are worked out and researched. It was agreed that the town needs the kennel, and that the public would be put in danger if all of the dogs that are held in there are able to run around freely.

In new business a bid was awarded to Landscaping Unlimited for snow plows, sanding, and salting of various roads. 

The brief executive session was done in front of the citizens, and only covered that a renter at the local park wanted to pay half of their rent in the beginning of the month and the rest of it in the middle of the month; the court order said that the renter had to pay it all at once. It was authorized that the renter would be allowed to split the payments and that the situation would be taken care of.

The next meeting will be held on November 20, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Frankford Township Municipal Building on 151 State Highway Route 206, Augusta.