UNION, NJ – Dr. Michael Morris presented a talk entitled “Arm Chair Art Tours of the Ancient Olympics” last week at the Union Public Library, right in the midst of the Rio games.

Dr. Morris, a former art educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, presented a look at the art and history of the Ancient Olympics.  According to Dr. Morris’ presentation, the games were originally a religious activity with human athletics offered to the King of the Gods, Zeus.

About 70,000-100,000 spectators came to the five-day activities, beginning in 776 B.C.  Dr. Morris explained that spectators felt that they were honoring God by attending.  The games were designed to satisfy God, not the audience.  There was only a first-place winner and no tam competition.

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Modern Olympics began in 1896. 

One of the free programs offered by the Union Public Library, the “Arm Chair Art Tours” was part of the Adult Summer Programming at the library.