UNION, NJ – The ASPCA will be the beneficiary of $2,263 raised by Battle Hill Elementary School students from proceeds of their recent “Do you want to build a snowman” fundraiser.

The fundraiser, which ran from January 9 through March 10, saw students pool their donations as a class to decide which accessories they could ‘purchase’ for their snowman.  Each class started out with a snowman that had two eyes, a mouth and a scarf, but that needed more accessories. 

“This was a great program to get the kids involved in where their money would be spent,” said Student Council Advisor and Computer and G&T teacher Jessica Mongiovi.  “It introduced classes to economics, budgeting and planning, as well as the importance of raising money for a worthy cause.”

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“When we originally set up the fundraiser, our goal was to raise $500,” said third grade teacher and Student Council Advisor Alison Brehm.  She said after the first week the school had raised $485.  “The kids were so excited about it, especially about being involved in deciding where the proceeds would be donated.”  The charities included the Township of Union Public Library, the ASPCA, UNICEF’s Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund, or the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. 

“I’m glad the money is going to the ASPCA,” said third grader Kimberly, “but I wanted the Library to win.”

Brehm said teachers and the PTA helped out by getting the students motivated to earn money to donate.  She said some students would earn a dollar or two for doing small chores around the house or, as an example, doing their homework before dinner every night for a week.  “Some students brought in their allowance,” she said.

Mrs. Turner’s third grade class won overall best snowman and grade level winners included Mrs. Musarra/Mrs. Erickson in kindergarten; Ms. Melillo’s first grade class; Mrs. Marano’s second grade class; Miss Turner’s third grade class; Miss Brehm’s fourth grade class; and Ms. Juarez/Rosa/Duggan’s pre-K class.

“This was a great tool to help students work together,” said Turner, whose third grade class had the winning snowman.  “The students had to decide whether to buy general items or save up their money and buy a Special Edition item, which were only available once a week.”  Points were assigned to each item.  A pair of mittens were 4 points and a grass hula skirt was 8 points, while a Special Edition selfie stick was 12 points.  "Special thanks to art teacher Sarah Norman," said Brehm.  "Her creativeness made this fundraiser so much fun."