UNION, NJ – Battle Hill Elementary School found creative ways to participate in the nationwide recognition of Unity Day on October 19.

With the support of Principal Mark Hoyt, School Counselor Ingrid Soares kicked off the month with various activities to educate students about the importance of standing united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Students began the month long experiences by learning songs based on friendship and kindness.

Under the direction of Mr. Michael Malanga, students learned the lyrics to “You Can Count on Me”, by Bruno Mars.  Additionally, the students created a Unity Mural with the help of art teachers Mrs. Colleen Cannon and Ms. Sara Norman. This mural is now displayed in the main entrance of the school, reminding all who enter what the Battle Hill community stands for.

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Students also tied orange ribbons alongside the fence of the school, as a visual symbol that everyone is united for the common cause: “anti-bullying”. T o top off the event, with the assistance of physical education teachers Mrs. Phyllis Neshimka and Mrs. Sue Lisanti, students created a human peace sign on the playground.  

Along with their classroom teachers, students released orange balloons that were distributed by PTA President Mrs. Anita Laverty.  Each balloon had multiple strings, so that each students and their teacher could hold on until the school wide release.  Students, staff and parents alike were overwhelmed with pride on how the Battle Hill School community came together for such significant events.