UNION, NJ – Students at Battle Hill Elementary School learned “what’s out there” this week when Matthew Meyer presented a planetarium experience in his Starlab Portable Planetarium System.

Meyer’s, a Union resident and prior educator, said his goal is to generate interest so kids take the initiative to read about planets, stars, moons and Greek mythology.  “I love teaching.  It’s my passion,” he said.  Meyer said his program helps students develop an understanding of astronomy and a genuine curiosity about the world around them through interactive lessons.

“After the kids come in the Spacelab, they go home to their parents and are excited to tell them about their day,” said Meyer.  “The kids are really engaged.”

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“The students were overjoyed the minute they saw the planetarium,” said fourth grade teacher Alison Brehm.  She said before the presentation Meyer provided information to give the students some prior knowledge before they entered the planetarium.  He also gave many follow up activities to reinforce his presentation.  “Matt’s passion and enthusiasm for this program was evident from the moment he began to speak to the students.  He immediately engaged them by asking questions and listening to what they knew about the solar system and what they wanted to know,” said Brehm. 

Once in the planetarium, the students were shown the night sky, planets, moons, and constellations.   “The presentation was very interesting,” said fourth grader Sophia Weiss.  “The constellations were the most interesting part.  It was really cool that they form so many different animals and that stars are so many different colors based on their age.”

“I learned so much about the solar system,” said fourth grade student Samantha DosSantos.  “I didn’t know that Jupiter was a gas planet.”

“I didn’t know you could see so much with the naked eye,” said fourth grader Aidan Nason.  “I thought I would need a telescope to see everything, but you can see planets with your own two eyes.”

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