My name is Michelle Schulz, and I’ve been a resident of Vauxhall for over 20 years.  I’ve been married to Jack, who works for Union County as Supervisor of Park Maintenance Services, for 21 years.  We have six children, Michael, Dominick, Jacqueline, Jonathan, Amanda, and Brandon, all of which are products of the Township of Union Public Schools.   Michael graduated in 2009 and now works for Union County Motor Vehicles.  Dominick graduated in 2017 and now interns for Union County Media Productions.  Jacqueline and Jonathan are at Union High School, Amanda is at Burnet, and Brandon is at Battle Hill.

I currently work for Union County in the Office of Engineering, Public Works and Facilities.  In addition to working for the County, Jack and I are also small business owners for over 20 years.  For 13 years, we were owners of JS Towing and Transport, providing automotive repair services.  We are currently owners of J&M Curbside Cafe, a food truck business that caters numerous community and school athletic events in the Township of Union, Vauxhall, and neighboring municipalities in Union County.

Outside of my profession, my family and I have always made great efforts to dedicate their time and resources to the local community.  I’m a member of numerous PTAs, including Battle Hill, Jefferson (Central Five), Burnet Middle School, and Union High School, and supported my sons in the Boy Scouts.  I also volunteered for Union Girls Softball, the Knights of Columbus, and the Columbian Club.  I’m a supporter and volunteer for Italian American Police Society of Union, which raises funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Special Olympics.

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I’m running for the Township of Union Board of Education to address educational issues that greatly impact the local community.  First, as a vocal critic of the Common Core curriculum and PARCC, I would advocate and support the overhaul of academic standards and standardized testing in New Jersey.  Second, I will help the district expand efforts in addressing and preventing of out-of-district residency fraud.  Third, I will protect and ensure funding for athletic programs to ensure its availability to any child in the district. 

I wish to give back to a community that has given so much to my family and me. Please vote for me at ballot position #5 and my running mates, Linda Richardson and Sherry Higgins, at ballot positions #1 and #3 on November 7. 

You can learn more about the “Children First” Team #135 campaign by visiting