As a son of two Vietnamese refugees, my family settled in Union, because they saw Union as a place of opportunity and where everyone had a fair shot. That fair shot was afforded to me through our public school system. I began Livingston Elementary as an English Second Language student, and graduated Union High School fourth in my class.  After a few college degrees, I now have a successful career.  I am proud to say that I am a product of Union schools. 
The catalyst for my success was that Union provided quality, affordable public education. I am concerned that our district is moving away from that principle.  
I have concerns when one of our opponents is a founding trustee and supporter of for-profit, low-performing charter schools that will defund our public schools, decrease wages of faculty/staff, and increase property taxes. 

I have concerns that our opponents are now responsible for a projected $3 to $4 million deficit, which will force middle and working class families to pay even more property taxes.  

I have concerns that our opponents support the notion that balancing our budget is not a priority, and they entertain raising property taxes by $1,500 over the next three years.  

I have concerns that our opponents will invest more in paper-pushing, administrative positions like elementary school vice principals that will not improve the quality of education your child receives. 
There is a clear difference between my team and our opponents.  My team #234LE will provide fiscally responsible leadership.  Save today, so that we can invest in tomorrow. This means less administrative overhead, and more on tools, resources, and personnel in the classroom.  I will provide new energy to this board.  I've done so as an interim board member last year.  I voted to expand vocational opportunities for students not college-bound, saved the school district $500,000, finalized a district-wide strategic plan, and selected a new Superintendent of Schools.  I am eager and ready to do more so that we can continue making quality public education more affordable and invest in where it counts - the classrooms.